Buying Guide and Reviews of the Best Recliners: Selecting the Best Recliners for everyday use

checkmark-1Are you looking for the best recliners to buy? Great! You have landed at the right place now.

Sitting and lying are the only times when you allow yourself to get some rest – free from stress, anxieties, worries and exhaustion from your day’s hard work, so why not get the most of out of it, right?

I often have to work for a long period in front of computers, thus having a problem with back pain. Back pain was my serious health problem until I found my best recliner 3 years ago. Surprisingly, with the best recliner I selected, my back pain was gone.
I love recliners, and honestly, they are my most favorite type of chair I bought for myself.

Best Recliners For The Money 2016 Recommendation


For that reason, I have grown to love recliners and decided to search for the best recliners available on the market. I do not only love recliners but I also love to write about them to share with you. Along the way I conduct researches and make reviews for every recliner I tried.

I discovered that some recliners are really good even at a very affordable price. I also discovered that some recliners are not good as they are advertised. Those recliners do not help maximize your pleasure and some of them may make you feel uncomfortable when sitting on them for a long time. Therefore, testing a recliner in a showroom for about 10 minutes and feeling good does not mean that the recliner will be comfortable for you when you sit on it for a certain period of time or it will still be good after 2 to 3 months. A report shows that approximately 35 % of recliner buyers realize that they made a wrong selection after three months from the time they purchased a recliner.

This gives you more reasons to put a lot of effort on your search and do not simply consider this as an easy task.

Generally, a lot of people spend a lot of time searching, but you can cut down on your time since I have compiled a detailed buying guide as well as in-depth recliner reviews for the best recliners at various price segments on the market.

In addition, I also provide tips and tricks, and a step-by-step guide on how to use, maintain and clean your reclining chairs.

Read the following guide and reviews. After which, you will be able to find the best recliner for you. I can guarantee you that!

Top 7 Best Recliners Today

If you’re already interested in getting your very own comfortable recliner chair, then let me share with you the top 6 best recliners I have found.

I don’t own all of them, but these 6 were on the short list I chose from until I made my final choice. I have recommended this list to many of my friends. Through their feedback after purchasing their own recliner from the list, I know all of them are very happy with the recliners on the list. Please note that I visited some retailers and friends to see and test the recliners personally.

Without further ado, here are the top 6 best-selling recliners based on different factors. Let me present to you all the details you need about these best recliners. Hopefully, you get to compare them, and all you need to do is to find the best one that fits you best.


Our formulas to select the best value recliner are

    • Value score = Quality/ Price
    • Overall quality score = Average score (comfort level, body supportive level, frame & material, reclining feature, durability)

* Note that the best recliner list will be updated according to our product ranking system since we periodically test and carry out customer satisfaction surveys for both old and new recliner models.

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Top 2 Best Price / Best Value Recliners

I won’t be surprised if at this point, you still find it difficult to choose which of these best-selling recliners is worth your money.You certainly want to get a value-for-your money recliner.

Our formula: Value = Quality/ Price

Let me give you my top 3 best price – best value recliners. Luckily for me, what I’m using now is included in this short list. I am not such a rich man, so I prefer best value products, which have a very competitive price, but the quality is still very good.

However, please don’t let me convince you in choosing the same. Remember that we live in two different places and have different needs. For me, back pain was my problem. With that in mind, I will help you how to find the best recliner that suits your needs later on.

I also provide a detailed comparison of the top 3 recliners to help you make your choice easier. Without further ado, here are my top 2 best price – best value recliners:

Comparison Factors
NameFlash Furniture DSC01078-BRN-GGMassaging Black Leather Recliner
Comfort levelIt is very comfortableThis recliner offers much comfort
Reclining functionsReclining function works by pulling the handleIt reclines as soon as the user tries to recline his or her body on it.
Back supportive levelIt provides a comfortable lumbar support.It can support the user’s entire back well.
DurabilityIt has durable construction and upholstery.It is sturdy enough that you can move it often without affecting its quality.
The goodThis does not only come with a reclining function but also with a smooth rocking feature.Besides its reclining function, it provides 5 pre-programmed massage functions.
The badIts back supportive level is not that perfect, but you may use a towel for added support.It does not have a rocking feature, but it comes with an ottoman.
The bottom lineIt costs more, but it offers more features.It is cheaper than the Flash Furniture recliner, but provides good massage functions
Overall rating




Now, let me tell you my most favorite recliner that I bought three years ago is the Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner. I am still very happy with it. Here is my brief review.


The quality of the Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner does not change much after 3 years although I have been using it every day.

This recliner was a great solution for my back pain problem. Now, back pain is not my problem, but I still love this recliner very much as I feel very comfortable and relaxed every time I sit on or lie down. Surprisingly, the price of the Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner now is much lower compared with the price I bought it 3 years ago.

Best value recliner: Updated

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="247"]Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Power Lift Recliner Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Power Lift Recliner[/caption]

Although Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner is still a great recliner for me, my ranking system has just found Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Power Lift Recliner , a new best value recliner on the market since June 2016. I highly recommend you to check it out.


I also tested the Massaging Black Leather Recliner, which one of my neighbors purchased a year and a half ago. I also felt very comfortable when sitting on the Massaging Black Leather Recliner, but it is cheaper compared with the Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner. I would recommend both the Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner and the Massaging Black Leather Recliner to you.

If you have a very limited budget for recliner chairs and want to save money as much as possible, I believe that ACME 00632 Arcadia Recliner, a very cheap recliner, is not a bad choice. ACME 00632 Arcadia Recliner is a little bit small but still quite comfortable to sit on.

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Top 2 Most Comfortable Recliners

If you are often under pressure at work and suffer from stress, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical as well as emotional health. How do you handle the stress while working effectively?

Let me give you a tip. The two most comfortable recliners I have experienced and listed below should help you much in coping with stress.

Comparison Factors
NameElectric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair ReclinerHomCom Deluxe Recliner
Comfort levelThis chair brings a high level of comfort.This recliner feels so comfortable to sit on.
Reclining functionsThis chair brings a high level of comfort.Its reclining function brings a certain level of relaxation to the body.
Back supportive levelProviding great support for the back, it can work amazingly to relieve back pain.It can give your back the right support and massage it needs to relieve stiffness and sore muscles.
Massage functionsThis recliner provides a full-body massage with various intensity levels, completely relaxing your body.Its heated massage function features five modes of massage and focuses on the legs, thighs, lumbar and upper back.
DurabilityProvided that the user’s weight does not exceed the chair’s weight capacity and the chair is used properly, it can last long.If it is used appropriately and the user weighs less than or only up to the chair’s weight limit, it will stay good as new for a long time.
The goodIts power rollers can help reduce fatigue.It can also spin 360 degrees and has a rocking feature.
The badIt can be pricey to budget-conscious users, but it is worth it.It is only good for people with average height but not for tall people.
The bottom lineThis No.1 bestseller recliner is more expensive than the HomCom Deluxe recliner, but the degree of comfort and relaxation it brings is unbeatable.With all its excellent massage, rocking and reclining features, this recliner can definitely satisfy budget-conscious customers.
Overall rating




I normally relax with the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner in my office, which I shared with my colleagues. The Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner helps me a lot every time I feel stressful.

I believe its comfort is unbeatable, not to mention that its massage functions are so great. It is a bit pricey but not as expensive as thousand-dollar massage chairs on the market.

The HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair is also a very good choice for stress relief. I have tried it many times although not as often as I use the the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner. The HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair comes with a very competitive price compared with the price of the Shiatsu massage recliner, so you can save more money.

You can’t control everything in your work environment, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless. Finding good ways to manage workplace stress and relieve it demonstrates your ability to deal with it, which can mean the difference between success or failure. For me, such a comfortable recliner is my great choice.

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Top 2 Best Leather Recliners

If you are a fan of leather furniture, you may simply want to get only the best leather recliner. Here is my recommendation for the two best leather recliners for you.

Comparison Factors
NameRoundhill Leather ReclinerHomelegance Leather Recliner
Comfort levelThis chair brings extra comfort.It offers ultimate comfort too.
Reclining functionsIts reclining mechanism works quite well.The reclining function works for both sides by gently pulling the release mechanism.
Back supportive levelIts cushioned back provides ultimate comfort on the back.It provides a good back supportive level due to its generously-padded back.
DurabilityWith its sturdy hardwood frames, sinuous springs and steel rocker base, this recliner is an epitome of ultimate durability.Made of solid frame, this recliner can last long.
The goodIt is large enough for tall and big people.It is a two-in-one recliner with a good price.
The badIt only provides a single seat, but it has wide seating room.Although it is good for two people, it is generally a small recliner.
The bottom lineAlthough it costs almost the same as the double recliner, it is still a value-for- money chair since it has superb features.Although it is small, it comes with quality features and has a good price.
Overall rating




If you are a fan of leather furniture, you may simply want to get only the best leather recliner. Here is my recommendation for the two best leather recliners for you.

In the next part, I share my tips on how to select the most comfortable recliner that fits your needs. If you have some good tips, please share them with me and my readers too. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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How Good Recliners Can Improve Your Health

Recliners have more benefits than you thought. They benefit the body in several ways. Here are 5 ways a reclining chair can benefit your body and contribute a lot to maintaining good health.

Reduce stress

Studies have discovered that many health issues are directly caused by stress. From depression and headaches to asthma and heart disease, stress can negatively affect the mind and body, making the individual’s body become affected by the gradual weakening effects of the daily routine.

According to Jay Winner, MD, the Stress Management Program for Sansum Clinic Director in Santa Barbara, “Stress doesn’t only make us feel awful emotionally. It can also exacerbate just about any health condition you can think of.”

It is recommended by many doctors to take a rest for a minimum of 1 hour away from your bedroom on a daily basis. A recliner allows you to rest without sleeping, and the resulting alleviation of stress will manifest itself as you notice an improvement in your mood and health.

Get rid of back pain naturally

If you have any back pain problems, a recliner can help solve the issues. Those individuals with back pain cannot sleep well and move their body with ease.

Back pain sufferers can benefit a lot from recliners. The most significant one is providing extra support. Recliners are easily adjusted to fully support the individual’s body, maintaining the natural posture of the individual’s body and spine, and providing instant pain relief.

I would like to let you know about my experience with various reclining positions. Reclining back for only a few degrees removes the pressure from the lower part of my back, relaxing the lumbar back muscles. Moreover, as the pressure is removed from the lumbar back region, reclining enhances good circulation in my legs and lower body. Most importantly, it relaxes my heart muscle as my feet are raised slightly while I am in a fully reclined position. You should read best recliner for back pain reviews for your reference.

Alleviate pregnancy pain

Pregnant women begin to experience awkward ribs, swollen ankles, achy joints and tight fingers as the advanced stages of their pregnancy are approaching.

Although a lot of pregnant women may consider lying down, there are some who have a tendency to feel isolated whenever they feel the need to rest in their bedroom because of pregnancy-related pains and aches.

Recliner chairs are the best solution for them. The angle of a reclining chair takes the weight off of the front carriage of the pregnant woman’s body and helps to line up her center of gravity. It is inevitable for pregnant women to find utmost comfort in a recliner that they choose to sleep in their recliner, which is more likely to offer more relief to their pains and aches.

Enhance blood circulation

Heavy feet and swollen joints are the effects of poor circulation. Your body is prone to suffer from the effect of gravity on the circulation of your blood, particularly when you have a sedentary-type of job that requires you to sit or stand for many hours.

As time goes by, the blood settles in your feet, ankles and lower legs, making you prone to suffer from clogged veins and swollen legs and feet. You can prevent yourself from having swollen feet or surgery through relaxing your entire body in a recliner chair when you are not at work.

Soothe achy joints

Arthritic patients experience stiff and swollen joints. Recliners can aid sufferers in soothing their achy joints and improve their blood circulation. It is even suggested by some doctors that some patients use a recliner for their sleep so that they can achieve better circulation and relax their muscles.

Regardless of how you go about and cope with your daily routine at home or at work, recognize the good effects of recliners to your health. You can start off with introducing recliners to your kids.

When you show them the benefits of relaxation at an early age, it is a good start to prepare your kids for living a healthy lifestyle ahead. The health of the entire family members can improve through spending some time reclining in a recliner chair.

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Infographic – How to select the best recliners chair:

Infographic - how to select best recliners chairs

Extra tips on How to Select the Best Recliners:


Online Reviews

Amazon is one of the greatest online marketplaces in the world. Read the recliner reviews before selecting the best reclining chair. You can see plenty of reviews there. There are both positive and negative comments, so you can know both advantages and disadvantages of a specific recliner. It will be very helpful to enable you to make a short list of the best reclining chairs.


Consider Durability

Most of us seek long lasting items! A leather recliner makes a fantastic choice in terms of comfort, style and durability. Choose any leather recliner which is made of top grain leather since it will last for a long time.


Consider Quality

The recliner must have resilient padding made of high-quality real polyurethane foam for long life. The mechanism ought to be an easy task to operate and access. Watch out for squeaks that could suggest loose components or even improper alignment.


Perfect Size

Reclining chairs are just like shoes and boots. Their size, design and style are certainly important, but comfort is what ultimately matters! When choosing a recliner, experts recommend that you check out a small recliner first.


Frame Construction

Focus on the particular design of the frame simply by checking if the chair is strongly constructed with the use of heavy-duty screws but not the small ones or the plastic ones, which can even be worse! The particular frame construction ought to be made from real wood.

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Category 1: Quality & Price – Brief Reviews for Best price Best quality Recliners

This comfortable yet classy leather recliner offers quite a bit to the customers. Manufactured by Flash Furniture, this particular model provides a great seating experience due to its extra stuffed cushions on the seat, back and arms. The recliner reviews must always be kept in mind while purchasing a recliner, and the reviews for this model truly confirm that this is a must-buy product if you are looking for both comfort and style. Made of leather and polyurethane, this recliner is durable and soft to the touch.

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Category 2: Comfort Level – Reviews for Most comfortable recliners

A Guide to select the Most Comfortable Recliner

Everyone desires to relax after surviving yet another never-ending day with a hectic schedule, therefore, wanting the most comfortable recliner to subdue his or her stress.

Recliners, these days, should not be included in the list of luxuries, as they are also available for people having financial constraints. They are designed according to the present day need, and efficiently fulfill the objective of reducing the stress level and provide the greatest comfort level for the customer’s satisfaction. Also known by the term lounger, these adjustable recliners offer features such as a variable headrest and a footstool for the legs in order to provide maximum ease to the user. Some recliners and two person recliners also come equipped with a masager to diminish the day’s stress and eradicate the spasm of the aching muscles.

The following are some benefits of having good recliners, which are designed to provide the greatest level of comfort and relaxation to their users. Let us take a look!

The good recliners available can be highlighted through a little research of the market and by having a look at the reviews on the Internet. The better the reviews, the more luxurious your purchase will be. However, that does not necessarily mean that it will be unaffordable as a number of viable and realistic options are available at a nominal price, keeping the customer’s budget in mind.

How To Maintain The Comfort Level Of The Most Comfortable Recliner:

Proper care of the recliners must be taken to maintain the comfort provided by the chair. Here are a ways of doing so:

  • If the recliner is made of leather, avoid contact with water or any other liquids and properly dust it off to help maintain its nifty look.
  • In case of any spills, blot it off as quickly as possible.
  • Never use solvents or fabric cleaners on leather recliners, as it will cause damage or might cause dis-colouration.
  • Clean the recliner regularly as sweat and oils tend to get into the permeable exterior of the leather recliner.
  • Vacuum it
  • Waxing and/or polishing wooden recliners helps maintain that new look for quite a long time.
  • Maintain your level of comfort by getting the cushions and pillows refilled with your required filling if they seem a bit uncomfortable.
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Category 3: Materials – Best leather recliners

How to Select the Best Leather Recliner

The leather recliner is an all-time favorite in many households—a good old companion you can run to when you need to sit back and relax. Now it has dropped its traditional bulky and boxy design for a more contemporary and chic feel that has added to its appeal. So you can expect not just the ultimate in comfort, but also sleek pieces that would fit perfectly in a living room, game room, study or nursery.

Prices may be pretty steep in this category, but leather’s the premium choice in terms of durability, comfort and style. Plus, most models go beyond the basic reclining function, incorporating features and mechanisms that make them more versatile and user-friendly.

Yes, a leather recliner is a big purchase, but with the right model, it’s a worthy investment. The question then is: How can you make sure that you get it right—that you pick out the best leather recliner for your home and your family?

The key, I would say, is to do your homework. And that’s why I’ve put together some tips and tidbits to help you out, along with a few leather recliner reviews and a guide on how to clean and maintain these chairs.

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Tips for Using and maintaining Recliners:

An excellent recliner is difficult to find, but it should not be very hard to maintain. Some crucial tips are as follows:

  • If your best quality reclinerare made of leather, place them in an appropriate indoor location. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.  Over time, this could result in splitting and cracking.
  • When placing your recliner, make sure to leave some space between the recliner and the wall.
  • Make sure you remove the dirt regularly. You can even clean the recliner with a vacuum cleaner if you want. Tidy up any kind of spills as rapidly as you can, plus apply some leather conditioner on the recliner occasionally to maintain its luster.
  • Your comfortable recliner may be made of microfiber. If it is completely covered with microfiber, it should be exposed to air, which is actually a good way to clean and maintain it. Because this material repels water, all you need to do is to clean off any spills with a soft material
  • Either wax or even polish the surface regularly to keep it look excellent. Do not apply the cleaning items on the recliner directly; instead, spray the cleaning items on a cloth, and use the cloth to clean the recliner so that you do not scratch its surface. If you intend to clean it thoroughly, use water and a mild soap
  • Keep the chair’s reclining system oiled frequently. Be sure to lubricate the moving parts of your recliner so that they can function smoothly at all times. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions on how often the oiling must take place. It is rather essential that you don’t wait around till any creaking sound begins
  • When sitting on a recliner, sit down slowly and avoid jumping on it
  • Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions to find out how often this oiling must take place. It is rather essential that you don’t wait around till any creaking sounds begin.

If you follow the foregoing maintenance tips for such a top rated recliner chairs, your recliners will stay good.

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Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Comfort
    Editor: 95%
  • Durability
    Editor: 94%
  • Supportive
    Editor: 97%
  • Reclining
    Editor: 96%
  • Price
    Editor: 100%

Review Summary:

Best value recliners. Very comfortable at a very reasonable price. This recliner offers great seating experience due to its extra stuffed cushions on the seat, back and arms.