How to do Lane recliner repairs – Know it here


Lane recliner and lounge chairs can both and enrich your life and might cause issues sometimes. They have a reputation for having some of the top rated leather recliners around. Both comfort and functionality, with an added reasonable price, are the biggest reasons for Lane recliner’s popularity. That why you’ve probably bought one of the products, so you understand what we mean

Out of all repairs to the chairs, the ones that have the worst and most notorious reputation are quite possibly the recliner mechanism repairs. The recliner mechanism by Lane is surely one of the best inventions ever, but it can often get stuck. Although the chair may stay perfectly comfortable, you will want to have that ultimate feeling of relaxation.

Fear no more, because we have the solution to this problem. Although it has been stigmatized by people, it’s not a big conundrum. You can easily get your Lane recliner back to the best shape possible. First, let’s take a look at a few of the most common Lane recliner repair needs and their solutions when it comes to this wonderful piece of furniture.

Lane recliner repairs – Useful tips and information


It often binds or gets stuck

Knowledge on Lane recliner repairs helps a great deal. If the recliner gets stuck or it often binds, the problem most likely lies in the fact that there are objects stuck in the mechanism. You’ll need to lay down the recliner on its back and check the functionality of the footrest mechanism from down under.

There’s a high chance that something might have fallen through the cracks between the cushion and the base. A simple reach in should solve this problem.


The back hurts and you feel that the recliner is no longer comfortable

If so, you might be looking at a padding problem. After some time, the cushions in the seat and the back lose stiffness and are unable to provide support anymore. This problem should be addressed right away, with the help of an expert.

Cushioning and upholstery work can be tricky. It’s best that you don’t experiment by yourself. If you ignore this issue, you can develop severe back problems, especially if the lumbar area cushion is too compressed.

lane recliner



A hole in the seat

This is maybe the most common issue with all recliners and chairs, all together. A lack of comfort in this way is usually the result of a common padding malfunction or a broken spring.

You should take the cushion out just in case, in order to assess the magnitude of the problem. A repair tech should be able to give you a definite answer on whether to replace the padding or not.


The footrest lean while the recliner is open

Even though Lane has some of the top rated leather recliners, this can happens once in a while. The reason is usually the malfunctioning recliner scissors.

You should be able to fix them by yourself without much difficulty. Lane recliner repairs are usually simple, and the leaning footrest is no exception. All it takes is tightening all the screws and greasing up the moving parts. As you test your top rated leather recliner afterward, it should feel as good as new.


The footrest rubs the frame and is often slow to open and close

Although they sell some of the top rated leather recliners, Lane sometimes makes the mistake when designing the size of the frame and the footrest.

It’s best that you assess this as soon as possible in order to be able to fix it and avoid any upholstery damage. Lane’s licensed repairman should be able to take care of this problem or assess that you need a replacement.


The footrest scratches the carpet/floor and it’s really annoying

This may also be a result of a wrong measure of the footrest. You can solve this conundrum by placing a tall leg up underneath the routes that the footrest takes before gliding. If this doesn’t prove to be the solution of the problem, you can always turn to Lane’s customer service.

Given the fact they are one of the top rated leather recliner sellers, their repairmen will be more than happy to assist you. A warranty can come in handy, too.


The leaning problem

This has been the most annoying problem when it comes to Lane recliners. It can be attributed to a lot of factors. The bent reclining mechanism is the main culprit for this problem. It can make the whole chair lean if it’s malfunctioning.

You can also be dealing with a wooden frame that is loose, which may require a replacement or a completely new purchase. As a last resort, you should measure the flatness of your floor, in order to see if there is an outside factor to it.

Now that we’ve listed all the major issues and solutions, you will know how to perform at least the basic Lane recliner repairs. As a top rated leather recliner owner, this is a valuable skill to know. However, don’t be ashamed to call the expert in order to have a maximally comfortable seating experience!

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