How to do Leather Upholstery Repair for Catnapper Recliners


It is always important to keep your catnapper recliners clean and protected. The leather is expensive and you should always try and keep it in great shape. The leather is a very durable material, however, with time it might wear or tear and it is, therefore, important that you know all about leather upholstery repair.

It is important to protect and maintain top rated leather recliners, or any leather seating in your vehicle or your leather couch for it serve you for a good period of time. Apart from being durable, leather is also extremely comfortable and very smooth.

If your leather gets worn out or damaged, you can always repair it. You can always get the best leather upholstery repair and have your leather couch or seat back functioning and shining. You can simply have any leather tears, cuts, burns, stains, scratches, seam slippage, fading and color discoloration repaired as well as get replacement parts where need be.

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Leather Upholstery Repair: How to Repair a Tear in Leather

It can be very irritating to have any kind of tear on any leather that you own. Here is a guide on how to repair tears in all kinds of leather from your car interior, to furniture, clothes and any other type of leather.


Assess damage and select suitable product

  • If the tear that you want to fix is not bigger than a tennis ball all you will need is the leather repair touch up kit but if the area is bigger than a tennis ball you will need the large area bundle that comes with a colorant kit. Whether the tear is big or small, the process is the same; the only difference being the amount of color used to cover the repair and the tools you will use to apply the color.
Leather Upholstery Repair



Prepare the area

  • Using a scalpel or a sharp pair of scissors trim the worn out edges of the tear, so that you can have a cleaner edge and smart repair. If you are repairing a large area of your catnapper recliners, apply leather prep from the leather colorant kit, some alcohol, and the clean the tear and the surrounding area.
  • This cleans up the surface and helps and helps in making the color that you will apply later on adhere better. This is however not necessary if you are repairing a small of your top rated leather recliners.
  • Insert Sub-Patch: Use tweezers and canvas that are in the leather repair kit to insert the cloth just behind the tear.

Apply Glue

  • Once you have placed the cloth behind the leather, use a spatula to apply leather glue on the underside of your top rated leather recliners. Press down the leather onto the cloth and leave it to dry.

Apply heavy filler

  • Apply heavy filler to the tear to fill the gap in your catnapper recliners making it level with the rest of the leather. The filler should be applied in several layers. In the final layer, you can emboss a grain pattern to further blend the tear with the rest of the top rated leather recliner.

Build Up on the Heavy Filler

  • Start off by applying a thin layer and then dry it off using a hair dryer for several minutes. Repeat this procedure until the tear on the top rated leather recliner is ¾’s full. Finally, apply a single last layer and smoothen it off using a palette knife ensuring that it is level with your catnapper recliner.

Apply the Colorant

  • Once the filler is completely dry, apply the color. You can simply apply the color onto a sponge and apply it onto the repair blending it with the rest of the leather. Apply the colorant in numerous thin coats allowing time in between for it to dry.Ensure you have applied enough colorant to fully conceal the repair. If you are using a large area bundle, only apply the first layer of the colorant with a sponge and use an airbrush to spray color for the rest of the layers.

Apply Leather Finish

  • Once the repair is sufficiently colored and the colorant has had enough time to dry, it is time to apply the finish. You can use a sponge for multiple thin layers while still allowing time to for the leather finish to dry.
  • Again, for a large repair apply the finish using an airbrush and make sure you apply the glossy super seal first (three to five layers) before spraying the leather finish (eight to ten layers) for a good leather upholstery repair.

Leather Upholstery Repair: How to Treat Scratches

The leather is bound to get some scuff and scratches here and there especially when children or pets are involved. A minor scuff or scratch will not harm you catnapper recliner but it will definitely be noticeable.

  • The best way to handle the scratch is to simply apply a small amount of vinegar on the mark which will make it swell; rub a clear shoe polish or one that closely matches the color of your top rated leather recliner
  • If the scratch is a long one or the area has many marks or scuffs, use a leather dye and blend it in with the surrounding area to give your catnapper recliner a uniform look.

The leather is a material that will last you for a lifetime even if it is subject to tear and wear from time to time. When your kids or favorite pet decides to tear holes into your favorite leather, you do not need to be worked out.

Leather upholstery repair is a Do-It-Yourself thing that you can always attend to as you relax. Simply fix your furniture or get professional help and your top rated leather recliners will be as good as new.

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