How to Fix a Sinking Office Chair


In the midst of an important job, the worst thing that can happen is a sinking chair. Every expert will tell you that a stable and comfortable chair is the staple of every well-done desk job. It shouldn’t be too comfortable, but also not too excruciating, in order to be able to focus on the work at hand.

Furniture is expensive nowadays, so it’s really important to know how to fix a sinking office chair. The process is fairly fast and saves you a lot of money and nerves. And there’s also a high chance that you will start to feel more motivated than ever, because of an accomplished fix.

Fixing a sinking office chair – Helpful tips and information

Fixing a sinking office chair – Helpful tips and informationThese simple steps will allow you to bring your chair back into shape.

The first thing you should do is assess the problem and check all possible sources of it. The sinking of the chair is usually directly connected to a pneumatic cylinder located directly below the seat.

It controls the height through compressed air, but it’s also one of the parts that malfunction very often. Learning how to fix a sinking office chair literally takes minutes along the way and can prove valuable later.

If the process is too complicated or the chair is too old, think of purchasing a new one that has recliners with adjustable lumbar support. These do wonder for your back. If the problem is not that serious, you can solve it by using two different methods – either with a hose clamp or a PVC pipe.

The hose clamp method

This one is fairly simple and is comprised of only a few crucial steps. It can be done on just about any type of chair, including the ones that have recliners with adjustable lumbar support. Many believe that those are the hardest to fix, whereas they are no different whatsoever.

Sinking Office Chair


  • In order to begin the process, you should slide the plastic skirt of metal pipe that connects the wheels to the seat. Most office chairs have these for protection from damage or dirt.
  • Now that you’ve exposed the metal pipe, you should determine which height you want. Whether you have recliners or not, you should always pick the height of your knees when standing. This gives you enough room and is ideally comfortable.This should be done with the chair lying on the side, with the lower part separated. Only then you should push the chair to your desired height.
  • After that, you should apply a hose clamp. These cost a bargain and you can get them at just about any possible hardware store, around the world. It should be applied by loosening the screw and then slowly pulling it over the metal pipe. Don’t tighten it just yet, though.
  • In order to know how to fix a sinking office chair correctly, you need patience. At this step, it’s crucial, to say the least. Slowly tighten the grip of the clamp, until you are sure it’s tight and stable enough. Keep in mind that this has to hold the entirety of your weight, plus the upper part of the chair. Safety is a must.
  • If the grip won’t tighten, you can easily use sandpaper to grind the pipe a little bit. Or you can also cover it with duck tape for an ideal surface.
  • Now that the surface is covered and the grip is in place, tighten it as much as you can. It’s wise to assess the strength of the clamp before you apply it, just to be safe.
  • Have someone a little bit heavier than you test the durability and the endurance of the fixed chair, in order to be sure it can hold your own weight.

The PVC pipe method

This method is fairly similar to the hose clamp one, but it’s generally used for extra safety. If you really want to master how to fix a sinking office chair, it’s best to know both. In order to apply the PVC pipe method, you just need to follow these simple steps.

  • Measure the diameter of the metal pipe that connects the chair. This will determine the size of the PVC pipe you will have to buy.
  • When you go out and buy the pipe, make sure it fits just right. It would be wise to buy one or two different sizes, just to be sure and to save time when fixing your sinking office chair.
  • Simply cut the pipe to the size you want to raise your chair for. This will be a stable, almost unbreakable solution, even for chairs that have recliners with adjustable lumbar support. By covering all the possible types, this method will surely solve the problem.
  • When you’re done cutting lengthwise, proceed to cut only one size. An opening will be available to snap the PVC pipe on the metal one. You can also do it with smaller pieces if you want to be extra safe and meticulous.

Proceed to test the chair and enjoy your new-found knowledge about how to fix a sinking office chair!

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