How to Remove Ink from Leather Couch


Ink stains on your favorite top rated leather recliners can be quite an unsightly mark. If you have small kids at home that are learning how to write or draw, it is inevitable that you will end up with some stains on your leather couch.

Ink stains on leather can be quite difficult to remove so it is important to act fast before the stain before it spreads; the longer the stain sits the harder it becomes to remove it. Depending on the type of leather you have, you might need o get a professional to do the job or just DIY.

Generally, there are two types of leather, naked (unfinished) leather and finished leather. If you have naked leather you will need to get professional help. This is because naked leather is very absorbent and basically untouched making it difficult to clean.

To know if your leather couch is naked or not, simply put a drop of water on its surface. If the water gets soaked into the leather, it is definitely unfinished leather but if it beads up on the surface then you have finished leather which you can easily clean at home. An example of unfinished leather is suede.

How to Remove Ink from Leather Couch


Tips on How to remove ink from leather couch

Leather is an expensive yet classic material. It is important that you do not damage top rated leather recliners as you try to remove ink from them.

Here is a guide on steps that you can follow on how to remove ink from leather couch.

Things you require

  • Paper towel
  • A soft dry cloth
  • Cotton balls
  • Leather cleaner
  • Leather conditioner
  • Cotton buds
  • HairsprayBlow drye

Method: Rubbing Alcohol

This method is ideal if the ink stain that you are trying to remove is from a felt tip marker or a ballpoint pen. If the ink is still fresh, the easier it will be to remove it.

using Alcohol


  • Blot at the stained area: Using a paper towel or a soft dry cloth blot at the stained area and try as much as possible to get most of the ink out without spreading it to the surrounding areas
  • Apply leather cleaner: Following the manufacturer’s instructions as is indicated on the packaging apply leather cleaner to the stain
  • Moisten a cotton ball: Dip either a cotton ball or cotton into alcohol and ensure that it is moist enough but not dripping with the liquid
  • Rub the stain: In a gentle manner, rub the moist cotton ball or cotton bud against the stain. The ink will slowly be transferred to the cotton wool. It is important that you work the stained area from the outside towards the middle in order to avoid spreading the stain to the surrounding surface
  • Avoid smearing: As the cotton wool absorbs more and more ink from the stain, ensure that you change and pick a new one to prevent the ink from smearing to other parts of the top rated leather recliners. Repeat this process until all the ink has been completely removed.
  • Dry the leather couch: Ensure that you dry the area that you have just cleaned using a blow dryer on a low heat setting. This will ensure that the alcohol evaporates rather than eating into the leather
  • Apply a leather conditioner: By the use of a soft cloth, apply a leather conditioner onto the area you have cleaned so that moisture can be restored into the leather.

Method: Using Hairspray

The second method of using a hair spray to remove ink stains is similar to using alcohol to remove ink stains.

Remove Ink from Leather Couch with hair spray


  • Get a can with some hair spray and spray a substantial amount directly on the area that has a stain
  • Leave the hairspray for a few minutes; five minutes is okay
  • Using a soft dry cloth wipe the hairspray gently from the leather. Ensure that you do not rub too hard. You will notice that the hairspray will start lifting ink from the stain. Repeat this process (spraying and wiping) until the ink stain has been fully removed
  • Use another piece of cloth and dampen it, wipe the stained area to remove any stickiness that might have been left from the hairspray
  • Apply a leather conditioner: Again use a soft cloth to apply a leather conditioner on the couch in order to restore moisture to the leather

How to remove ink from leather couch is an easy DIY job. It is important that you work on removing ink stains from top rated leather recliners as soon as you can so that it does not get hard to remove it as time goes by.

If for any reasons you are concerned about damaging your leather or the ink does not come out completely, you can always seek professional help. Keep your leather neat and clean and it will serve you for a lifetime.

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