How does a ‘Recliner’ come into being?

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Recliners are the ultimate stress relievers when we talk about seating spaces. They all may seem alike, but there is much more to them when we take a look at the manufacturing process from scratch. Although most recliners are upholstery chairs with metal or wood mechanisms for those comfy positions to accommodate the users as they stretch their backs and push out the foot-rest. Recliner chairs are being enjoyed in every household since they were introduced in the 1920’s. Let’s take a look at the process of how it becomes so comfy!

Watch this video to get an idea about how to make a recliner/ recliner chair making process

Collecting the ‘Raw Materials’

The basic components of a standard recliner usually consist of the large body/frame, mechanism to activate the metal parts, thick padding and of course the final upholstery fabric for finishing. While these details stay untouched, each design varies depending on the style of the recliner and the designer.

how recliners are made

how recliners are made


The body of the recliner is the key to its spaciousness. Most frames are constructed using hard-wood for the very reason of upholding heavy weight and to provide a base for the moving motion. When this is completed, metal bolts, nuts and screws, and steel corners are attached in order to provide support and sturdiness.

When the basic structure is approved by the quality controller, the metal activating mechanism is introduced. This mechanism includes ‘action’ or ‘motion’, which determines the difference between an ordinary chair and a recliner. While some specific designs provide these functions with the help of a lever which the user himself engages, others engage themselves automatically when the user seats himself.


Padding or foaming is the next step. This step is the most essential part of a recliner as this is the component that delivers us comfort and makes the chairs our cushy thrones! Usually the padding is made out of polyurethane foam. All those rough corners are covered by using block shaped foam pads, which are further softened using polyester batting sheets. As ‘go-green’ is everyone’s new motto, most industries in the secondary sector businesses use foam that has the least amount of CFC’s.

Finishing touches!

With demanding circumstances and amazing interiors of this day and age, clients prefer uniquely manufactured recliners. Henceforth, with the developing market, manufacturers produce recliners in various colors, styles and trendy designs however   these upholstery materials may differ. Some prefer leather while some feel more relaxed on softer fabric. Leather, synthetic-fiber, cotton or a combination of some materials are a few examples.  While these recliners may seem no-work, much effort is exerted for durability into each piece for a wide range of designs and an a la mode look.

When this process is complete, most recliners head towards the market via merchandising. Some recliners are meant to contain more features such as auto-rotation, back-flexing, auto-positioning of the arm-rest, even special custom massaging options.
Recliners are a MUST HAVE for a household that needs relaxation to its best. Grab yours soon!


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