We are Melissa and William, the two founders of CuddlyHomeAdvisors. Melissa is a market analyst in the home-related product market, and William is an interior designer focused on smart home design and analysis.


CuddlyHomeAdvisors is a start-up company in the furniture sector, and we believe in projects that will give pieces of furniture “smart features” that will in turn make them ideal options for a smart home.

Cuddly Home Advisors Group

With the development of the Internet of Things, everything can be connected and programmed. That is why our vision at Smart Home is to use this development to everyone’s advantage. That is, to connect and program home furniture and home related products with smart features.

For example, with IoT, a smart mattress is able to track your sleeping patterns, tells you how well you sleep and gives you recommendations on how to improve the quality of your sleep. In the future, it will also provide additional smart features such as the smart mattress being able to give you a relaxing massage, detect when you are tired, monitor your heart rate and breathing rate, all in order to monitor your overall well-being. The mattress should also be able to monitor your weight and provide information about your nutrition, fitness, diet and other necessary biometric information. It should also detect emergency situations and send an alarm message to your family members and emergency services. This allows you to benefit greatly from the smart feature of a piece of furniture as simple as your mattress. 

Why We Started This Blog

Both William and I are interested in looking at any of your traditional home furniture and home-related products. We look at recliners, chairs, sofas, mattresses, bean bag chairs, offices chairs and so much more, to find the current best products and also see how these can be improved with smart features. For example, how an office chair can be configured to help with back pain. Thus, we conduct product tests and product surveys on all these various home furniture products that are found on the market, allowing us to draw accurate conclusions and share this important information with you.

We aim to discover the best home products that customers love and recommend. We then analyse them to pinpoint their best features and to find what smart features will be ideal to transform the product into a smart home product. These smart features are then transferred into the requirements needed for a smart home product. 

We absolutely love our jobs at CuddlyHomeAdvisors and we love comfortable home furniture and all the products that go with it. We also love to share our experiences in reviewing products and conducting surveys with our readers. That is why we have decided to launch this site - to share our experiences and opinions with you and your families. We are passionate about helping you find the most comfortable and practical furniture, and to help in the future for your home becoming a smart home. Along the way, we conduct research and write reviews for the products we have tried and tested, to help you get a step ahead in putting together your smart home. Our tips and tricks for how to use, maintain, repair and organize your home products should help you achieve optimum home comfort.

Please be aware that our reviews are based on our own experiences and may not be true to everyone’s experience of the same home product.

We hope that the article and reviews we provide will be useful to you and your family when furnishing your home.

We would love to hear from you! So feel free to get in touch and send us any questions you may have or even tell us about your own experiences with the home products you have used, using this contact form, or email us (contact AT cuddlyhomeadvisors DOT com).