10 Simple Steps on how to find a leak in air mattress


Do you suspect that your air mattress has a leak, but you just do not know how to find a leak in air mattress? There is no doubt indeed that using an air mattress that has some holes can bring discomfort and can compromise the quality of your sleep or rest.

how to find a leak in air mattress

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Some people might think that an air mattress with holes cannot serve its purpose well anymore, so they get rid of the mattress and get a replacement right away. On the contrary, after finding the leak, you can still actually use it as long as you can find the leak correctly and apply the necessary steps to fix the leak.

Take note that how to find leak in inflatable mattress or inflatable bed can be tricky, but it should not be that difficult at all. This article provides important details and steps that are easy to follow so that finding leaks in your mattress does not become a burden to you.

Summary of Steps on How to Find Leaks in an Air Mattress:

  • Step 1. Uncover the mattress.
  • Step 2. Use a bigger area when working on the mattress.
  • Step 3. Fill up the mattress with air.
  • Step 4. Find out about the condition of the mattress.
  • Step 5. Use soap and water.
  • Step 6. Use your ears to find leaks.
  • Step 7. Feel the mattress with your palms.
  • Step 8. Look at the seams intently.
  • Step 9. Identify the leaks.
  • Step 10. Check the state of the nozzle.

Detail of Steps on How to Find Leaks in an Air Mattress:

Step 1

Remove every sheet and covering from the mattress. This is the very first step on how to find a pinhole leak in an air mattress. This is necessary so that you can check for tears or leaks thoroughly.

remove cover from mattress

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Step 2

Transfer the inflatable mattress to a wider and well-lit section in your home. You can also use your porch if it is wide enough to accommodate the size of the mattress. It is then possible for you to examine the mattress in all directions because there is enough space to move it.

Step 3

Fill the mattress with sufficient amounts of air. Fill it with the amount of air that is proportionate to what it can handle because it has a tendency to burst if you fill it with excessive amounts of air.

Step 4

Examine the well-inflated mattress. It is a good time to check every section of the mattress while it is still inflated because you can easily see any possible defects, from very tiny holes to the biggest ones.

Step 5

Apply soap on the mattress. Mix proportionate amounts of water and soap. After which, soak a regular-sized cleaning cloth into the water and soap mixture.
Then, rub the soapy cloth onto all sections of the mattress. Use a small degree of pressure. You can know whether your mattress has a leak or not simply by searching for soap bubbles. The soap bubbles indicate the presence of leaks.

Step 6

Employ your sense of hearing to find any presence of leaks. If you suspect something that looks like a hole, try to move your head close to it so that your ear can hear a distinct sound. The sound that you could hear usually has a high pitch.

Step 7

Use your palms to detect the air that escapes from the mattress. Navigate your palms lightly across all areas of the mattress to feel for some leaks. You will definitely feel the air escaping from the mattress once your palms get to touch any leaks.

Step 8

Check out the seams. Another way how to find a hole in an air mattress is by taking a careful look at its seams as these are the areas where holes can often be seen. They can usually be found on the upper and lower parts.

Step 9

Put some marks on the areas where the leaks can be found. More often than not, you will discover not only a single hole but a couple or more, so it is vital to use a mark. By doing so, you or the manufacturer can easily notice which part of your mattress needs immediate repairs.

Step 10

Examine the nozzle. If you have not yet discovered any presence of leaks after following all the steps mentioned above, test the condition of the nozzle. Try to see if there is any crack or defect. Find out if it is tightly closed or not.

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Indeed, it is impossible to get the most out of using an air mattress with holes. What’s worse, if you cannot detect the leaks sooner or later, they can deteriorate the quality of your mattress sooner than you expect.
That is why knowing how to find a leak in air mattress as soon as possible will prevent the problem from getting worse. Moreover, you do not have to buy a replacement at the time you least expect it.

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