Best Bean Bag Chair Reviews: Top 10 Of 2018

Are you looking for the best bean bag chair? Great! You have landed at the right place now.

The in-depth bean bag chair reviews in this post will certainly give you useful information that you need in order for you to make a good choice among the recommendations of the most comfortable bean bag chairs on the market in 2018.

Choosing a good bean bag chair in the vast marketplace has never been easy because some bean bag chairs with not good filling materials may make you feel uncomfortable when sitting on them for a long time, similar to choosing recliner chairs as shown in this review.

To help you save time in selecting the right bean bag chair with the best price, we did a thorough research and surveys for the purpose of providing you with the following short lists of the best bean bag chairs in 2018 under different price segments.

Hopefully you'll find the time to compare them, and all you need to do then is to find the best one among the following top rated bean bag chairs, the one that fits you best.

Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chairs for The Money In 2018

Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chair Brands In 2018

Bean Bag Brand




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Big Joe Bean Bags




Flash Furniture Bean Bags




Take Ten Bean Bags




Bean Bag Factory




What Can You Do With Bean Bag Chairs?

Comfortable Bean Bag Chair For Adult
Best Bean Bag Chair For Adult

You Can Also Make a Bean Bag By Yourself, Why Not?​

Here is the video guide how to make an amazing bean bag chair by yourself.​

If you don't have enough time to make an amazing bean bag chair by yourself, You can search for comfortable bean bag chairs to buy.

We know for sure that getting a quality bean bag chair is quite practical as you can truly benefit a great deal from it, especially when you want a chair that is not only quite versatile in terms of its uses but also the one that is able to follow the contour of your body as you lie or sit on it, making you feel more comfortable.

Our oversized bean bag chair at home is a bit old, but it still works in such a way that we can still appreciate it for all the convenience it brings to the whole family.

The Shortlist of Comfortable Bean Bag Chairs

​Who doesn’t love a good bean bag chair? They’re perfect for a good hour of relaxation after work and come shaped in such a way that they adjust with your body’s movements, hugging you when you lie or sit in them. Their popularity among families is on the rise, thanks to kids loving them as much as adults.

​There are lots of bean bag chair models on the market today, but not all are really as comfortable and soft as advertised. Some do not even stay soft for a month. To make a smart purchase, you need to do some research first. I did my research on the cool bean bag chairs and came up with rather interesting results.

​What is the best bean bag chair?

If you ask us the above question, our list of the best bean bag chairs out of the hundreds of models out there would include the following.

  • 1. Jaxx 7ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa
  • 2. Chill Bag Bean Bag Chair, 5 feet
  • 3. Cozy Sac Bean Bag Chair, 4ft
  • 4. Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair 5ft
  • 5. Big Joe Dorm Chair

Reviews Of The Best Bean Bag Chairs In 2018

It is important to note that there is no one bean bag chair that is the best for everyone. Each top rated bean bag chair has particular features that stand out. The choice should be determined by your needs, space requirements, budget, body size and height and overall expectations.

1. Jaxx 7ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa

Large, Accommodating Size

The Jaxx Bean bag comes in at 7.5 × 3.5ft, making it wide enough to fit two to three people at once. It can also work as bean bag beds for adults of any height, rendering it dual purpose. Many customers vote this product as the best giant bean bag.

Strong, durable and washable cover

The Jaxx Bean Bag’s durable microfiber cover is strong enough to withstand hard use such as kids jumping around in it. It is also removable and washable in a machine without damage.

Soft, comfortable foam filling​

The inside of this large bean bag chair is filled with recycled furniture grade foam that is soft and comfortable. It easily conforms to your body and hugs you when you sit or lie down in it.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

  • Comes in lots of colors (black, tan, purple, blue, red)
  • Comes with re-sealable safety closures for the liner zippers
  • Usable by the whole family
  • Good for various activities including reading, relaxing and sleeping

Cell 1 / 1

  • The chemical smell of the exterior fabric
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Really pricey
  • May need extra foam filling for more comfort after some time.
  • Requires regular fluffing to prevent clamping up of foam pieces
  • Cover easily attracts dirt and dust from its surrounding and the floor

2. Chill Bag Bean Bag Chair

Beautiful yet durable cover

The Chill Bean Bag MicroSuede cover is strong enough for long term use, yet beautiful and soft to the touch. It is also easy to remove and wash when stained or dirty.

Wide holding design

I really love oversized bean bags. At 5 feet long, the Chill Bean Bag is wide enough for various activities including napping, reading, watching television or playing video games. This is one of giant bean bag chairs can accommodate two adult individuals at once at maximum.

High quality inside foam

The bag is filled with quality furniture grade memory foam blend that is soft and flexible. It easily wraps around your body and shifts accordingly.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

  • Versatile charcoal fits most purposes and room styles
  • Its oval shape and bean design
  • Quick to put together
  • It's inside liner that keeps the foam pieces in place

Cell 1 / 1

  • The bad plastic/chemical smell of the exterior fabric
  • Not as long for much taller people to sleep on
  • Takes up lots of space; unfit for smaller apartments
  • Limited color choices
  • Might require you to purchase more foam pieces to keep it soft and comfortable

3. Cozy Sac Bean Bag Chair

High-quality construction materials

The Cozy Sac features MicroSuede cover that is strongly stitched, thick and removable. Its inside is filled with soft furniture quality foam that reshapes according to your body and weight.

Helpful Setup Manual

A setup manual is sent along with the shipment and comes full of helpful instructions that should make your setup process easy to understand and manage.

Wide variety of colors

This jumbo bean bag is sold in a vast range of vivid colors that includes chocolate, lime, black, purple etc. The colors fit any room and family and make for strong fashion and design statements.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

  • Cover is easy to clean
  • Wide enough to fit 2-3 kids or one adult
  • Soft enough for recreation, reading or sleeping
  • Chemical smell from cover
  • Not long enough for full body stretching
  • Takes up large space
  • Is quite heavy

4. Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair

Flexible design

When in use, we found that it easily adjusts around the body shape and movements, due to being soft and flexible. You can also prop it against the wall to act as a chair.

Easy to set up

It only requires splitting the vacuumed foam balls (i.e., foam bean bag chairs) into smaller pieces before filling them into the liner and adding the cover. The foam is quite soft, which should save you more time.

Strong, washable cover

The Sofa Sac Bean Bag comes with a microfiber cover that is removable with zipping, easy to wash and soft to the touch. It also has top quality stitching for all the seams.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

  • Affordable pricing
  • Comes in wide range of colors and sizes
  • Comes with enough foam; no immediate need for refilling
  • Wide enough for most activities
  • Easy to wash, re-fluff and manage
  • Takes up lots of space
  • Not wide enough for fully stretched out sitting
  • Chemical smell from outer fabric
  • Quite heavy
  • Cover attracts lots of dirt and dust from its surrounding and the floor

5. Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

High-quality design materials

The Big Joe’s soft SmartMax fabric is known for its quality, durability, water repellency and resistance to stains, tear and wear. It’s filled with Ultimax foam beans, which allow for more comfort during use.

Unique extra features

The Big Joe comes with extra features that include pockets on the side for additional storage space for smaller items such as keys and phones and a holder for your drinks and beverages.

Distinct reclining design

The bean bag has a club chair shape, shaped like a recliner. This renders it perfect for sitting, reading or relaxing for a long time without propping against a wall.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

  • Very affordably priced
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Takes up a little room
  • Comes in wide range of colors
  • Cover is easy to clean and wipe, unzip and wash
  • It's size and height are only for kids only (2-11 years on average) not adults or teens, this can be considered as the best bean bag chair for kids.
  • Requires regular refilling to keep it usable
  • Prone to tears at seams
  • Sinks very deep when used

The Verdict – Which Bean Bag Chairs to Buy?

The Cozy Sac is not only one of the softest bean bags we’ve used but also a perfect fit if you have very limited space. Consider the Chill Bag if you have enough space in your home, even though it might not be the softest but it is a really comfortable bean bag chair.

Even though the Big Joe Dorm Chair is the cheapest, lightest and designed for sitting, its short lifespan and small size renders it unfit for use by adults. But for kids and teenagers, it is surely a good choice. Chemical smell is a common thing with new bean bags, so that should not be a big concern for you while looking to buy a bean bag chair.

All factors considered, the Jaxx bean bag comes out on top, thanks to its large size that renders it a dual purpose, large variety colors of colors to choose from and quality design materials. If you lack enough space for the Jaxx, the Soft Sack bean bag is the alternative we recommend. It doesn’t require regular refilling and offers way too much for its price.

At CuddlyHomeAdvisors, we like our bean bags so much because sitting on it just gives so much comfort while reading a good book or using the laptop.

Since we are all also somewhat kids at heart, some of us also use the bean bag when playing our favorite video games! What’s more, it also makes an interesting addition to our furnitures set at home.

​Benefits of Comfortable Bean Bag Chairs

Getting even just one of the cool bean bag chairs on the market now is definitely a smart investment since it can offer many different advantages not only for you but also for your entire family. In order for you to know more about the good points of comfortable bean bag chairs, we have compiled some of the benefits that they can offer.

  • They help prevent back pains. They are designed in such a way that they can adjust to the shape and weight of the person. That explains why they make a good chair for those people who complain of having back pains after sitting for long hours such as when using a laptop or working on something that needs a long period of concentrated effort. Some good bean bags can be as effective as the best leather sofa.
  • They are great for meditation time. Since they are so comfortable to sit on, they actually create an ideal spot for those who want to spend some time meditating in the comfort of their own homes as they can help them achieve a perfect balance while sitting.
  • They are suitable for all ages. They are not only recommended for old people but also even for kids. They can help relax an individual’s body, so the young and the old can truly appreciate the relaxation benefits that they can provide. Sometimes our kids play with bean bags to hide from vampire and zombie in their games.
  • They are ideal for a variety of spots at home or any office building. They are quite functional that they can be placed in many different areas. They could be placed in a living room, a TV room, a dorm room, a bedroom or even in the receiving area of an office.
  • They come in many varieties. When you shop for good bean bag chairs, you will have a great chance of finding the one that really suits your needs best since there are so many options. You can select the color, size and design that you exactly want.
  • They can be moved from one place to another without much effort. They do not weigh much compared to the standard living room sofas, which could be very heavy to transport. That is why you can move them from one area to another anytime you want with ease.
  • They are safe for everyone. Comfortable bean bags do not contain any hard materials. They usually only contain soft materials that are not likely to cause any injury to your kids or even to yourself.
  • They cost less than traditional sofas or chairs. Due to the fact that they contain fillers that cost less than what are used in creating a traditional sofa or chair, cheap bean bags become an affordable option.
  • They are easy to maintain. Some types of bean bags come with washable covers. Their fabric can be easily cleaned as well.

A Comparison Study On Top Bean Bag Chairs For Adults and Kids

I believe that you want to buy a comfortable bean bag chair for some very smart reasons. You most certainly want to buy a bean bag that can provide you with more comfort.

Also, it is possible that you want to keep your budget to a minimum, so you want to get large bean bag chairs that you can afford at the moment but without compromising quality. Thus, I have compiled the in-depth ultimate bean bag reviews to help you make an informed choice. Simply check out the tables below.

1. Comfort Level: Top 3 Comfortable Bean Bag Chairs

​If you wish to get an extra large bean bag that can give you the most comfort, look at the table below to find out more about the 3 most comfortable bean bag chairs.

Comparison Factor

Comfort Research 6-Foot XL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Black Onyx

Chill Bag – Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet, Charcoal

Bags Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet, Charcoal Take Ten Classic Lounger, 50 Inch

Comfort level

This bean bag chair provides a high degree of comfort due to its soft fabric and extra soft filling.

This bean bag chair is very comfortable because it is filled with soft foam and covered in extra soft fabric.

This bean bag chair offers a great deal of comfort because it contains more amounts of soft filling compared with other bean bags.

Type of Filling

It contains fuf foam filling.

It has memory foam filling.

It is filled with high-quality foam.


This bean bag consists of high-quality cover and filling.

This bean bag has a durable cover and a strong inner liner.

This bean bag is very durable due to its large zipper, top-quality covering and excellent filling.


It is spacious enough for two individuals, and it is ideal for large areas in your home. If you are looking for the best giant bean bag, the Comfort Research is a good candidate.

It is one of the most comfortable bean bag chair for adults with a large body frame. I think the extra large bean bag chairs are great for any wide area in your home.

It has enough room for a single person due to its big size, and it makes a perfect addition to any spacious spot in your home.

We would definitely go for the Chill Bag – Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet, Charcoal since it has great quality for its price. We like it so much since it is large and comfortably soft.

What’s more, it comes with a cover that you can easily remove and clean anytime you wish, so you can maintain it quite well to last for many years. Thus, this is the type of adult size bean bag chairs that you will absolutely appreciate!

Frankly speaking, we were intrigued by the appearance and the quality of the Comfort Research 6-Foot XL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Black Onyx, so we tested it to see what it can offer.

To our surprise, it really has enough space for two people who can sit without feeling any discomfort. Therefore, if you prefer a much larger bean bag chair that can sit more than one person comfortably, You can opt for this large chair. It is excellent for big spaces in any section of your home as well.

However, if you do not mind paying more in order to get a more comfortable bean bag chair, the Take Ten Classic Lounger, 50 Inch, fits the description. This is also good if you have pets at home since pet hairs do not settle on its cover.​ In overall, they are all good quality bean bag chairs.

​2. Popular Bean Bag Chairs On The Market

If you are looking for a comfortable bean bag with a cheap price, check out the table below to know more about the 3 most favorite bean bag chairs.

Comparison Factor

Comfort Research Big Joe 4-Foot Large Fuf in Comfort Suede

Big Joe Lumin Chair

Oversized Solid Navy Blue Bean Bag Chair

Comfort level

It is very comfortable since its cover is soft and its filling is quite soft as well.

It is quite comfortable because of its design and quality bean filling that adjusts so easily to your body shape.

It is comfortable to some extent due to its sufficient amounts of bean filling.

Type of Filling

It has full foam filling.

It contains UltimaX Beans.

It is stuffed with beans.


This bean bag is quite durable because it has a strong fabric and superior-quality filling.

This chair is very durable because it has a water-resistant and stain-resistant cover, and quality zippers.

This bean bag chair consists of durable materials, plus its filling is held securely by its metal zipper.


This chair is one of oversized bean bag chairs, which is  large for a single person but can fit in a regular-sized room.

This bean bag chair has a superb design with back and arm rest sections that are intended to make you feel comfortable as you sit on it.

This chair has a lightweight design and makes an interesting addition to any room.

I can say for certain that the Tough and Durable Lumin Bean Bag Chair (Black) – Big Joe is a good choice. After testing the 3 bean bags mentioned in the table above, this bean bag stands out because of its unique features.

It is shaped to have the arm rests and back so that it can make your body feel more relaxed. It is also durable and has the lowest price compared with the first and the third bean bag chairs in the table. Therefore, you will absolutely love it not only for its great features but also for its price!

The Comfort Research 4-Foot Large Fuf in Comfort Suede, Black Onyx has a soft fabric and soft fillers, so it makes a good choice if you especially prefer a bean bag chair that feels soft from top to bottom. You will need to pay more though.

However, if you prefer a lightweight comfy chair that you can easily move from one area to another, the Oversized Solid Navy Blue Bean Bag Chair will do just fine.

3. Cheap Price Segment

If you are searching for a quality bean bag chair that is sold at a cheap price, consider the table below to get more information about the 3 affordable bean bag chairs.

Comparison Factor

Comfort Research Big Joe Basketball Bean Bag with Smart Max Fabric

Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair, Spicy Lime

Big Joe Bean Bag, 98-Inch, Flaming Red

Comfort level

This new bean bag chair is comfortable to sit on since it contains more amounts of high-quality bean filling that follows the shape of your body.

This bean bag chair feels comfortable to sit on due to its top-quality bean filling that adjusts to your body shape.

This chair offers comfort to a certain degree as it contains high-grade bean filling that follows the contour of your body.

Type of Filling

It contains UltimaX Beans.

It has Ultimax Beans filling.

It also contains Ultimax Beans.


This kids bean bag chair has a strong-quality fabric, double stitching and durable zippers.

This bean bag has a durable fabric, premium stitching and quality zippers.

This chair has a tough covering, excellent stitching and strong zippers.


This children's bean bag chairs has enough seating room for a single person, and it has a unique ball design perfect for sports enthusiasts.

This bean bag is designed to serve its varied functions as a chair, a sleeping pad and a couch for two persons.

This bean bag is designed to provide more space for a single person, and it is ideal for any area in the home.

If you prefer to purchase new bean bag chairs that are quite affordable but still have good quality, we can assure you that you can never go wrong with the Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair, Spicy Lime.

When we checked it, we noticed right away that it does not only have a durable fabric but it also has a double stitched cover and strong zippers, so you can rest assured that you are buying a quality bean bag even though it does not cost much at all.

Last month, we discovered that one of our nephews has his own bean bag chair. Since he loves basketball so much, he has the Comfort Research Big Joe Basketball Bean Bag with Smart Max Fabric in his room.

It really complements the sports theme of the room. Thus, if you want to get the coolest bean bag chair for kids with a special sport ball design to enhance the look of your kid’s room at a cheap price, this bean bag will not disappoint you.​ You can also find many good bean bag chairs for kids of Big Joe brand.

However, if you fancy a casual bean bag chair or purple bean bag chairs that you can use while reading, listening to music or simply relaxing on a lazy day, the Big Joe Bean Bag, 98-Inch, Flaming Red can serve its purpose well.​

If you still cannot find a good bean bag, you may think about make a bean bag chair by yourself. Your​ babies will like that very much. You should also search for many discount bean bags.

Watch this video to see how to make a good bean bags for children


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