Best Office Chair for Back Pain Reviews – Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain Reviews

Indeed, it can be disappointing to work really hard at your office day in and day out only to contend with the undesirable back pain after work since you are not using the best office chair for back pain.

The thing is you cannot really expect to sit comfortably on a mere chair that has no supportive feature for your back. What’s worse, there is also a possibility for you to experience some discomfort on your lower extremities, which could really affect the overall condition of your body as well. In other words, you cannot really enjoy sitting for long hours without feeling any back pain or tired legs and feet when you sit on a chair that is not considered the best chair for lower back pain or not specially designed to give you the comfort that you need.

I believe it is vitally important to choose the best office chair for posture , best office chair for lumbar support, as well as best office chairs for back support. If you really want to address any back pain issues or simply desire very comfortable seating, the chair must be one that specifically targets issues pertaining to your back and lower extremities.

Top Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

I am certain that you definitely want the best office chair that can support your back well and help you keep your good posture, thereby reducing or eliminating your back pain problem.

I know it is not really a smart idea to just get any office chair and simply hope that it is the most suitable one for you. You have to keep in mind that you have to search for it very carefully lest you will end up regretting your choice. However, I perfectly understand that you must spend some time, if not a lot, before you can finally get the right office chair for you.

That is why I am here to help you find the best office chair for back pain, and best desk chair for back pain. I especially do extensive market researches, customer surveys and real product testing in order to provide you with a list of great office chairs to choose from. The prices of office chairs are various. You can find best office chair under 200, under 300, under 500, or even 100.

Why Back Pain is Common When Sitting for a Long Time?

It is not uncommon to suffer from back pains when you sit on the wrong type of chair for hours. What really happens is that you are really in a somewhat stationary sitting position while working in the office.

Sitting without making any frequent or occasional movements can bring tension to your entire body parts such as the leg, arm, shoulder and back regions of your body. What’s even worse is that it can cause greater tension to your delicate spinal discs and back muscles. Another common problem that results after sitting for long hours is slouching. This too can affect your spine in a bad way, which can later increase your back pain issues.

How to Minimize the Back Pain Problem

Back pain can really create serious discomfort in the long run if you keep ignoring this problem. What’s worse, it can greatly affect your performance at work. What then are the ways that you must do in order to prevent back pain from getting serious and to get rid of it eventually? Read on to find out about these ways.

  • It is crucial to use the best office chair for bad back since it can support your back well and encourages you to have good posture.
  • Make sure that the chair is adjusted well in such a way that it makes you feel comfortable when you sit on it.
  • Your arms should be able to rest on the armrests. This is necessary to prevent you from slouching and lessens the strain on the shoulders and upper spine.
  • Position the screen of your computer at eye level. If the screen is not correctly positioned, you will feel a certain degree of pain or discomfort on your spine. It can also cause strain on the eyes.
  • Make sure that the lumbar area of your body is well supported. This is a must have property of the most comfortable executive office chair. This region must reach the rear part of the office chair. Also, it is best to place a small pillow or cushion on the rear part of the office chair. That way you will be able to relax your lumbar discs well.
  • Take a break every 30 minutes. You must try to rest your eyes and body for at least 2 minutes after 30 minutes of focusing on your work. Leave your desk and stand for a while. It is also a good idea to do some stretching exercises or walk around as this will prevent muscle strain and can promote good blood circulation as well.

Things to Check When Selecting the best office chair for back pain

You stay at your office most of the day, and it can be a problem when you experience back pain most of the time. The good news is you can solve this type of problem by using the most suitable office chair for you. It is important to keep in mind that there are certain things that you must check so that you can make the best choice. Consider the following things below:

  • The chair must have armrests: If you often have to deal with back pains, you will benefit from using an office chair with well-designed armrests. Although some chairs have no armrests, chairs with armrests are good for preventing you from slouching.
  • The headrest must be comfortable: If you normally work long, it is best to select the type of office chair that has a well-structured headrest. This will relax your neck and head, thus avoiding pain and cramps on these regions.
  • The seat must fit you perfectly: Obviously, if you rather have a large body frame, you will need wide seating. However, if you have a small body frame, you do not necessarily need wide seating. The rule of thumb is to simply pick out a chair that is 17 to 20 inches wide. Just be sure to choose one that can give you the most comfortable seating. Allow a distance of 2 to 4 inches between the knee region and the seat.
  • The backrest must give full support to the spine: Choose a chair that can entirely support the lower part of your back, shoulders and neck. It should have an appropriate limit in terms of its backward movement so that it does not move further to the backward direction.
  • The chair must provide support for the lumbar area of the body: There should be proper lumbar support so that you can avoid unnecessary strain on the lumbar area, which often leads to back pains.
  • The chair must be made of quality and durable materials: Basically, excellent fabric for the seat is guaranteed to last. When choosing the fabric, it is wise to choose the kind of fabric that is suitable for all seasons. The chair should have sufficient amounts of padding. The chair must be strong enough to last for a long time.
  • The height must be suitable for you: If the chair is pretty high, it will not help improve blood circulation. What’s worse, it may not be good for the knees. On the other hand, if the chair is pretty low, this can lead to back pains.

If you need a more detail guides, watch the video below:

Best office chairs for back pain Reviews

I have compiled essential reviews of the best office chairs for back support, the best chairs for back pain for your own convenience. As a result, you do not have to spend a great deal of time searching for the best office chair that will suit your needs since you only have to read the reviews below and compare what each office chair has to offer.

1. Office Star Mesh Back and Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro and Lumbar Support Managers Chair

When you want to have the best lumbar support office chair that is not quite expensive, the Office Star Mesh Back and Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro and

Lumbar Support Managers Chair could be the right alternative. With its unique design, important features and good price, this will be very helpful

for you.
Convenient Armrests
The armrests are comfortable not only because of the pads but also because they are designed in such a way that the users will have no trouble

resting their arms on them. However, if you prefer a chair without armrests, you can simply detach the armrests for your own convenience.

Moreover, what is so great about the armrests is that they can be adjusted to your desired height so that this can prevent you from slouching as


Amazing Lumbar Support
It comes with strong lumbar support that definitely works great on the lumbar regions of the body. As a result, you do not only avoid having tocontend with the dreaded lumbar pain issues but also save yourself from any feelings of discomfort on the back or lumbar area.
Comfortable Design
With this design, it is possible to adjust the armrests and the height of the chair, depending on which type of adjustment is more convenient foryou. Its tilt mechanism also functions well, so you do not have to worry about the back moving further backward that might cause an injury. What’smore, its seat can also offer comfort to a satisfied user.

Things I like

  • It has great armrests.
  • It has a unique design.
  • It has a durable base.

Things I don’t like

  • It has few color options.

2. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat

When you want to have a chair that you can use for long hours without feeling any discomfort, the SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat is the best fit since it is known for its comfy seating feature. With its charming design and useful features, this chair can benefit you in more ways than one.
Easy Adjustments
This chair is quite versatile since it can be adjusted in several different ways to make it more suitable for you. The height of its armrests can be adjusted so that you can rest on those more conveniently. Its tilt mechanism also comes with an adjustable feature. Moreover, the seat’s height can be increased or decreased so that it matches well with the height of the person sitting on it.

Excellent Tilt Mechanism
This chair comes with a tilt mechanism that you can take control of. It has an adjustable feature, which means you can feel more at ease while sitting on the chair. As a result, you are less likely to move further backward so the possibility of falling is quite slim.
Affordable Price
Even though it has the capacity to keep you feel comfortable even for long hours, you will truly appreciate that its price is not much at all. Furthermore, when you think about its quality, its price is quite good.

Things I like

  • It has a lovely design.
  • It comes with worthy features.
  • It does not cost much.
  • It has enough seating room.
  • Its tilt mechanism functions well.

Things I don’t like

  • It has few options when it comes to colors.

3. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

If you often complain of not having good posture or getting tired quite easily while sitting on a chair, the AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair will give you the kind of back support that you need to maintain the right posture. With its ergonomic design and very low price, you can get the most out of this chair.
Quality Comfort
Its back, seat and armrests are covered with a quality material that feels smooth to the touch. These parts are also filled with pads that provide a relaxing feeling for the user. You can alter its height, depending on what suits you best in order for you to achieve your desired comfort level.

Remarkable Design
This chair has a style of its own, making it a smart addition to any furniture in your office. This is one of the best chairs for posture that provide an ergonomic feature. As a result, you can sit on this chair for a long time but will less likely feel any serious aches or discomfort.
Unbeatable Price
Obviously, when you check out its price, you will notice how easy it is on your pocket. However, although it is not expensive, you can still expect a certain level of comfort and relief from your ordinary back pains when you use this chair.

Things I like

  • It has high weight capacity.
  • Assembling all its parts does not take much time at all.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It fully swivels.

Things I don’t like

  • It has immovable armrests.

4. Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller: Highly Adjustable w/PostureFit Lumbar Support

If you want to feel as relaxed and at ease as possible while sitting on your chair at work, the Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller: Highly Adjustable w/PostureFit Lumbar Support can give you just a constant feeling of relaxation hour after hour. With its superb features, great design and functionality, this chair could deliver a very practical solution to your daily back pains and other body pains.
Adaptable Features
Since it is ergonomically designed, you can expect this to be the best office chair for lower back pain and to give you a high degree of relaxation. It can hold your entire weight and body in such a way that you do not easily feel tired even when you work for hours on end while using this chair. As a result, it helps you attain good posture at all times.

Fantastic Tilt Mechanism
What is so amazing about this chair is that you can rest assured that you are secure once you are seated due to the fact that it has a tilt mechanism. This mechanism sees to it that you are able to sit in a stable position after adjusting the chair, thus preventing you from falling.
Versatile Design
It has different sizes and colors. That explains why you can use this type of chair regardless of your body frame. Moreover, it is possible to adjust its armrests so that you can achieve a more convenient position.

Things I like

  • It has plenty of color options to choose from.
  • It comes in various sizes.
  • It has an ergonomic feature.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.

Things I don’t like

  • It costs a lot.

5. Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair

If you normally feel some discomfort on your posterior knee regions or your lower extremities easily feel tired, the Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair will be perfect for you. With its simple yet special design and very good price, you will find this chair interesting.
Extraordinary Seat
Its seat is designed in such a way that it does not only contribute to the prevention of back pains but also has the ability to relax the muscles in the knee regions, thereby maintaining good circulation. As a result, you can sit on this chair with the right posture, preventing you from having back pains as well.

Satisfactory Comfort
Although it is not like other office chairs with great amounts of pads, the important parts of this chair, such as its armrests, seat and back, contain pads that will give you just the right comfort that will prevent you from feeling any discomfort as you keep working.
Space-Saving Design
Due to its slim appearance, this chair does not tend to use up a lot of space. Therefore, whether you have a small office room or a larger one, this should fit just right. What’s more, it is strong enough to hold an individual weighing around 200 pounds.

Things I like

  • It is not expensive.
  • It takes a short time to connect all its parts.
  • It can accommodate any user who is up to 250 pounds.

Things I don’t like

  • It only has very little options when it comes to color.

6. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair

If you are on a budget but still prefer to use quality office chair that can relax your back and legs as well, the Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair will absolutely offer what you need. With its cool features and design, this chair can definitely give value.
Easy Adjustments
This type of office chair is quite easy to adjust in different aspects, making it as convenient to use as possible. Its back part can be altered so that it can provide the best lumbar support to an individual. When it comes to its seat, you can achieve the right comfort level by changing its height, depending on which suits you best in order to feel as relaxed as possible while you are sitting on the chair. What’s more, in terms of its armrests, you can alter the height, depending on your preference.

Appealing Design
This chair is not merely for back pain or leg pain relief but it is also best for adding a touch of style to your working spaces. This design does not require complicated instructions in order for the chair to function at its optimum level.
Guaranteed Comfort
Although you do not need to spend a great deal of money on this particular office chair, it is still made in such a way that it can provide comfort to an individual. Furthermore, its high quality fabric and padding make all the difference in terms of the comfort level that you can expect from this chair.

Things I like

  • Its price is not high.
  • It provides convenient seating.
  • It is good for relaxing the legs.
  • Its installation is not a problem at all.

Things I don’t like

  • It only has a single color option.


When you prefer to own a convenient chair that can address issues pertaining to the lumbar region, I suggest you consider the Office Star Mesh Back and Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro and Lumbar Support Managers Chair. In fact, I consider this as the most favorite officer chair for back pain.

If you are in search of an office chair that can give you comfortable seating, I personally believe the SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat will definitely give you what you are exactly looking for. Moreover, you would certainly agree to its price.

When all you want is an office chair that you can easily adjust to give your back the right comfort that it needs for only a little amount of money, I can say that the AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair will never disappoint you. This is the type of office chair that can certainly help you get the desired sitting position that will be most comfortable for you.

If you really expect something that can offer you utmost comfort for hours on end but do not really mind about its price, I will absolutely recommend the Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller: Highly Adjustable w/PostureFit Lumbar Support. Although you have to invest in it, it is all worth it since it is the most comfortable and high-class chair for back pain.

If you are thinking of owning an office chair that does not only work well for your back but also relaxes the posterior knee region, I must say the Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair is simply the right option for you. Thus, this is the best office chair for back pain and tired knees that can do its job well even though it does not cost much at all.

When you need a quality office chair and want to save on the cost at the same time, I definitely agree that the Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair could offer you just that. What’s more, it is not only something that you will need for your back pain issues but it is also good for relaxing your legs, just like the best recliner chair.