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Three Best-Looking Recliners: Which One Works For You?

Every hardworking individual knows the joy of getting home from a long day at work and kicking back on a comfortable chair. Most offices can only afford to give their employees stiff chairs that are tried and tested to be very uncomfortable and bad for the posture.

While most of us have no choice but to accept the chairs we are given at work, it does not have to be the same at home. Indeed, we can spend our home-designing time dedicated to making sure our houses are comfortable and a welcoming sanctuary we can rest in after long hours in the office.

For many, this involves installing calming lighting fixtures and opting for calming hues. And still for many, it is as simple as dedicating a special corner we can call our own—be it a reading nook, a mini gaming center, or a lounge area where we can spend the rest of the night catching up on our favorite Netflix shows.

That is where our favorite best looking recliners come in. Since their introduction in the 1920s, recliners have changed the way we relax.

Luxury leather and zero gravity recliners have become a staple in most homes (and now even in movie theaters!). Truly, a living room or lounge area is not complete without one.

Because of their increasing popularity, various brands and companies have come up with attractive recliners with impressive functionality. For example, some recliners these days come with a gentle rocking motion function and still others with massaging functions.

Recliner production is steadily growing. And while this could be a good thing for us (we get more choices and we obviously benefit from every new advancement), it also causes us a little distress because it is getting harder and harder to choose which recliner works best for us.

Try searching on Google for the best looking recliners and you will surely get bombarded with so many brands and models to choose from.

That is why this review aims to help you choose the best chair for you. Below, we have gathered three of the best and most popular recliners in the market.

Read the reviews carefully and have fun choosing which of the three recliners below will give you the ultimate relaxation experience.

Best Looking Recliners Reviews

To start, here are the three attractive recliners that we will be reviewing in this article:

  • Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner
  • Presidential ll Top Grain Leather Chair Manual Recliner by Barcalounger
  • Homelegance 9668BRW-1 Glider Reclining Chair, Brown Bonded Leather

The recliners above are great recliners with interesting functionalities. Now, it all depends on which one has the total package that will convince you to take it home.

The Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner holds incredible functionalities packed within an impressive form. No wonder then that this recliner is among the most popular among the Zero Gravity Chair line.

A Zero Gravity Chair provides maximum comfort by allowing the body to assume a neutral position therefore decompressing and relaxing the spine. It also helps the lungs and heart to function well by decreasing the effects of gravity on these vital organs. Through this, your lungs and heart are able to operate efficiently as you relax.

Assuming the Zero Gravity position is easy with this recliner, thanks to its “One Touch” Zero Gravity Button. All controls are accessible and easy to operate, making it easy for you to switch positions and make use of the other functionalities.

This recliner also includes an independently operated power headrest and footrest, allowing for all positions suitable for when you are watching TV, reading a book, or just having a nice alone time. But perhaps among our favorite features is the recliner’s heat therapy and optional vibration massage.

Now, you can enjoy your favorite book or movie while getting a relaxing massage at the same time—a total healing experience, indeed.

All these functionalities are beautifully put together in a high-quality recliner that is both sturdy and attractive. It gives you rest and adds spice to your room.

Things we like

Things we don’t like

  • Zero Gravity Chair which is perfect for those with back and posture problems
  • “One Touch” Zero Gravity button for easy access
  • Heat therapy and optional vibration massage for a complete healing experience
  • Can hold 300-400 lbs
  • Some users note that both the headrest and footrest could have been allowed to adjust a bit higher than they normally do

If you want your room to look presidential, then this recliner is for you. This chair by Barcalounger tops many chairs for its elegance and style.

It utilizes the elegance of deep button tufting and barrel back, giving it a classic look that is sure to turn heads. What’s more, this recliner is made of genuine leather and framed with hardwood.

More than the look, however, is the functionality. The Presidential 1L chair can be manually operated to assume the reclined position, perfect for relaxing in front of the TV or reading a book.

Its high-quality materials guarantee you maximum comfort and incredible durability—this chair is sure to last you for many years. It also has paddings on the back and sides to ensure your safety.

It is a simple and straight-to-the-point recliner.

Things we like

Things we don’t like

  • Elegant and timeless look
  • High-quality materials such as genuine leather and hardwood
  • Simple and straight to the point
  • Can only assume one position
  • Has to be manually operated

The third in our list of the attractive recliners is the Homelegance 9668BRW-1 Glider Reclining Chair. This chair exudes class and elegance, coupled with impressive functionality.

It is covered in high-quality bonded leather with matched bi-cast vinyl, and featured tufted design with nail head accent. It has an easy access lever for quick change to reclining position.

The elegant design makes it a beautiful addition to your room, giving it a stylish and tasteful accent. Now you can finally rest easy in a chair that both glides and reclines.

Things we like

Things we don’t like

  • Elegant design
  • It’s not as expensive as the other recliners
  • Has both reclining and gliding features
  • It does not come with other features such as massage therapy

Welcome to the World of Luxury Recliners

Indeed, relaxation has never been the same. And aside from the three attractive recliners mentioned above, you will still encounter more in the market.

What should you look for in a recliner?

  • It should be comfortable.

Of course, this should probably go without saying. Think of your recliner as a little therapy nook for you, where you can rest and recuperate.

  • It should be durable.

Recliners should be able to endure constant use. Do not be surprised when your recliner lasts you for several years; rather, be surprised when it does not.

  • It should offer great value for your money.

Sometimes, higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality. Be wise when making purchase decisions for your next recliner.

The Final Verdict

We have discussed three of the best looking recliners above, each offering different functionalities and looks.

So which recliner wins the round up?

For this round, Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner takes the trophy for various reasons.

One, it offers other features aside from reclining. It comes with heat therapy and optional vibration massage, which are great additions to complete your personal healing time.

Also, it can be made to assume the reclined position with just a touch of a button. This is especially helpful for those who are physically unable to manually adjust the chair’s position.

And lastly, the Zero Gravity position is perfect for those suffering from back and posture problems. It is also ideal for those with heart and lung problems, as the position allows for better functioning of these organs.

Of course, the abovementioned reasons may only work for a certain demographic. You could also prefer the other recliners based on your own needs.

Quite honestly, we do not mind having any of the other two elegant-looking chairs in our living rooms!

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