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Reviews of the best wall hugger recliners on the market

Are you looking for the best recliner on the market? Do you know which type you’re looking to buy? Are you sure you have enough space for your new recliner? If you’re not sure, then continue reading because we’re going to explore the world of the best wall hugger recliners!

This type of recliner is not only cost efficient, but it saves you space as well. Recliners are known and popular for the variety of angles at which they recline, but some of these angles require a lot of space which may bring trouble if you want to place your recliner near a wall.This problem is non-existent when it comes to the best wall huggers as they are made for users who want a recliner but don’t have enough space in their homes. If you’re interested in buying one, then explore the next sections in which we will explain which features are the most important ones and which wall hugger recliners are the best ones.

What to look for in the best wall hugger

Before you order a wall hugger recliner, you should first look into their characteristics in order to determine if it’s compatible with you. Maybe the price isn’t within your budget or perhaps you’re tall and it won’t be big enough for you.

Now you might be asking yourself, what should you even look for when buying a recliner? Should you just buy the one which looks the most pleasing to the eye, or should you pay attention to other details as well? To make things easier for you, we have listed and explained some of the most important parts that you should look for in the next section:

  • Construction and fabric material

The first thing that you should care about when buying a recliner is the material used for the main frame of the recliner. In order to get the best possible model, you should look for a wall hugger which has high-grade materials. The quality of the materials used will, in the end, determine how long it will last and which weight capacity it has.

For recliners, it is common that they either have a fully wooden structure or one made out of steel. For both steel and wood, their quality will always be different on all models because different brands use different grades of quality. When it comes to the material of the fabric that coats the recliner, the choice is even simpler.

All recliners will either use synthetic leather or real leather, choosing which one you should buy depends on how far you can stretch your budget. Real leather will make a gigantic difference, but if your budget doesn’t allow it you’re in luck because the quality of synthetic leather has really improved over the years.

  • Features

When it comes to features, you will encounter a lot of useful functions in certain models, but be aware that some brands offer gimmicks which really aren’t worth it. If your budget allows, the best choice you could make is to buy a wall hugger which offers either heating or massaging options. In our opinion recliners with these functions are worth it.

Some simpler features which don’t add a lot but are certainly worth having would be pockets. They’re really useful since you have a nice spot to store items such as TV remotes. An even better thing would be cup holders, if you are already comfortably resting in your wall hugger which is reclined at this point, the best thing would be if you could pick a drink right which is right next to you.

  • Reclining angles

The angles at which your wall hugger can recline is one of the most important aspects. What is the point of buying a recliner if it doesn’t offer you the angles that you want? Sadly, since this is a space saving wall hugger, reclining angles are really limited and there aren’t as many options as in normal recliners.

Some models still tend to offer you multiple options for reclining, some just have a couple, some models have three options. The best choice obviously is that your wall hugger can recline at all angles, but this isn’t common since wall huggers are meant to be wall saver recliners.

What we recommend

In order to make shopping easier for you, we have found the best wall hugger recliners and researched them in-depth. With these wall hugger recliner reviews, you will find both the positive and negative sides of each product, as well as some important features.

Most of the time recliners aren’t really big enough for taller people, but this time Lane Furniture has made wall hugger that not only saves space but gives enough of it as well for people who are tall. This is all thanks to the full reclining position which has the length of an entire king-sized mattress. This wall hugger also has a tall back and wider seat compared to conventional models.

This wall hugger is also durable as well, as the company decided to use reinforced high-tension coil to make this chair durable enough for taller and heavier people. The reinforced high-tension coil design allows weight capacity of over 350 lbs. Lane Furniture used hardwood frames for the construction of this particular model.


  • Wide seats and 48-inch-tall back
  • Maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs.
  • Construction made out of hardwood frames
  • For additional strength reinforced high-tension coils are used
  • Full-reclining position that has the length of a king-size mattress



  • This wall hugger is perfect for tall people
  • It has a nice retro design with the Campaign Praline fabric
  • The back and seat area is heavily padded which makes it sturdier
  • Customers complained about the lever being hard to reach
  • If you’re looking to save space the size might be too big
  • The foot rest is hard to set up

Don’t be afraid of the size of this wall hugger, it certainly is big compared to most models but you still won’t have trouble fully reclining even when you place it against the wall. The chair is really comfortable with its suede fabric and it has a tall back which will make it compatible with everyone.

This recliner has a wide seat as well and it uses a comfort coil seating system that comes with gel memory foam. When it comes to reclining you will enjoy a wide range of angles which will make resting and watching TV even better. The back area is removable for the purpose of easier delivering.


  • Contains comfort-gel memory foam
  • Available in three color designs
  • Uses Embossed suede fabric upholstery made out of 100% polyester
  • Has a tall and channeled back with a comfort coil seating system
  • For the construction, it uses hardwood frame with steel mechanisms



  • Once your recliner arrives there is nothing to assemble
  • The gel memory foam makes it comfortable as it shapes according to your body
  • Army, chocolate, and red color designs are well made
  • Weight capacity is only 250 lbs., a lot less compared to most models
  • Doesn’t contain any special features, pockets or cup holders
  • Might be too large for your room

If you’re looking for a wall hugger that is budget friendly but offers all the features of most premium models, then you can make the right choice by buying this recliner chair from Handy Living. It is one of the best space saving recliners sinceit only needs four inches of clearance from the wall in order to recline.

The design is also beautiful as it is made out of brown renu leather, this model also comes in the colors black, black microfiber, Khaki and Renu brown. Handy Living’s recliner has a new car door type lever which is easy to reach and use for reclining. Assembling is also quite easy as it only takes 15 minutes to do so, it also comes in one box.


  • Luxurious brown renu leather
  • Uses a special car door lever for reclining
  • Cushions are filled with high-density foam and polyester fiber
  • Pocket coil spring system is independently wrapped for a sturdier design
  • Requires only 4 inches of clearance from the wall



  • We really liked the car door lever since it is just so easy to reach and use
  • This recliner only weighs 66.1 pounds
  • It comes in only one box and takes less than 15 minutes to assemble
  • Seats aren’t wide enough which might be a problem for taller and larger people
  • Some buyers reported that it is hard to reset the recliner in a sitting position
  • The leg rests don’t extend high enough


If you’re someone who doesn’t have enough space in their home for a recliner or someone who wants to put their recliner next to a wall instead of the middle of the room then buying the best wall hugger reclinersis a perfect choice. As opposed to traditional recliners they don’t offer you that many options when it comes to reclining angles, but you will enjoy the same quality of comfort even with a wall hugger.

Out of the products reviewed, we have to pick the ProLounger Wall Hugger as the best one, as it is essentially the most efficient one when it comes to saving space and it is really comfortable and durable. But it is the smallest recliner in this list here and we don’t recommend it for taller people. For taller people, consider the other two models instead.

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