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Reviews Of The Best Zero Gravity Recliners In 2017

If this is the first time that you’re hearing about zero gravity recliners, you may get a bit confused at first by what they really are. While the name makes it sounds like it came straight out of science fiction or as something that is decades ahead of us, it really is nothing like that. But it isn’t that grim, these types of recliners are actually really good, perhaps even better than the expensive and heavy old-fashioned ones.

Essentially this type of recliner is designed to provide relief to your body and remove stress caused by gravity, it makes you feel weightless when reclined. In order for you to realize which is the best zero gravity recliner, we will do a list comprised out of the four best ones.​


What to look for in a zero-gravity recliner

When first coming in contact with a zero-gravity recliner, it may be tough to realize which features you need exactly. But thankfully these recliners aren’t that complicated and you won’t spend too much time thinking about which one to choose. These are some of the most important features:

  • Material used

When choosing the best zero gravity recliner you should always keep track of which materials both the frame is made out of, as well as the fabric. The frame really matters as its quality will decide how long the entire recliner is going to last and which weight it can support.

  • Reclining angles

Some recliners are really high-tech when it comes to reclining angles, some only have a few options but some premium recliners can even be fully horizontal. Most products are going to have these angles specified, some will only have two or three while others will have a multitude of them.

You should also care about whether the reclining is manual or automatic. Automatic reclining is often far easier to use, but it tends to increase the price of the recliner dramatically.

  • Miscellaneous features

Some of the best zero gravity recliners have special features that differentiate themselves from each other. Some recliners tend to have special interfaces where you can select and turn on or off different features as well as change reclining angles.

Some most comfortable recliners even tend to have heat therapy options which come in handy during winter. There are also various massaging features that are prominent in most premium recliners.


What we recommend

If you’re looking to buy a premium zero gravity recliner which promises top quality, then this recliner is definitely your model. With the help of the zero-gravity position, your body will recline along with this chair and lay in a completely neutral position which reduces any possible stress from gravity.

The recliner fluidly reclines with the help of your body’s own weight, this way it can recline in all angles with ease. The armrest on this recliner is extended and the head pillow is elongated for far better ergonomic support. If you’re someone who has lower back problems, this recliner is definitely for you.


  • Ergonomic pad design that uses premium materials
  • Extended armrests as well as an ergonomic headrest
  • Recline lever that uses the weight of your body for a smoother experience
  • Adjustable high-density design that helps with lumbar region pains



  • A variety of different colors and materials is available
  • High weight limit up to 400 pounds
  • You only need to assemble two parts
  • Definitely one of the most expensive recliners
  • Uses manual reclining instead of motorized
  • Paddings might be too dense for some people

Now we’re moving on to a less expensive recliner, but almost equally impressive. Cozzia is a reputable and well-known brand among recliners as it always features the best comfort possible. The unique design in this recliner is that both the headrest and footrest are independent of each other and can be reclined in different angles.

Along with the benefits of being able to recline, you can also enjoy the vibration massage functions and heating therapy. The recliner comes in three color options and each one is made with solid beech wood and high-grade faux leather. There is an interface on the side of the recliner which is called “One touch”, it enables you to recline and turn on various functions like heating and massaging.


  • Weight capacity up to 400 pounds
  • Heat therapy and massage options
  • Backrest and footrest recline independently of each other
  • High-quality beechwood and faux leather



  • Reclining function is very quiet
  • It is very customizable due to different reclining angles for headrest and footrest
  • Aesthetically the design looks great and the material feels premium
  • Might be a bit slow with the reclining
  • Installation instructions aren’t well explained
  • Some customers complained that it was too heavy

This recliner may not be the most high-quality one there is, but for the price, you will still get a really good zero gravity reclining experience. It is one of the cheapest products out of the zero gravity recliner reviews list here, but because of this, you can get some benefits like the recliner being lightweight.

This zero-gravity recliner is aimed more at people who want comfort in mind at a low price and for people who plan on placing it by their pool or carrying it around for camping. It is highly durable as it has UV-resistant breathable mesh fabric as well as a powder-coated steel frame. You can also lock the angle of reclining which is available in only a few angles.


  • Lightweight design made for camping, patio and pool furniture
  • UV-resistant material used along with a steel frame
  • Several angles for reclining
  • Weight capacity up to 300 pounds
  • The chair weighs only 20 pounds



  • One of the cheapest recliners
  • Available in multiple color variations
  • Strong steel frame which supports big weight limit
  • Not recommended for larger people as it is quite narrow
  • The armrests are made out of plastic
  • Not a lot of angle options for reclining

This recliner is quite cheap as well but it still holds its quality to some point. It comes in a variety of different color schemes and the frame is made out of high strength steel with powder coating which offers rust protection. The fabric is durable 2x1 textilene outdoor fabric.

We recommend you to use this for camping or for places like the pool since it is lightweight you can even take it to the beach without worrying about it taking too much space. It supports weight up to 300 pounds but the space between the armrests is quite narrow.


  • Frame is made out of high strength steelF
  • abric around the frame is durable 2x1 textilene
  • The seat material dries quickly
  • Supports weight up to 300 pounds



  • Good choice for a budget zero gravity recliner
  • More than ten different color options
  • Only weighs 21 pounds
  • The frame is very fragile
  • Some customers complained that it didn’t last long
  • Limited options for reclining


The review list comprised out of the best zero gravity recliners and we made sure that there was a recliner for each budget option. No matter which chair you chose, all of them were the most comfortable recliners that there are currently on the market.

If we had to pick the best product out of the zero gravity recliner reviews, it would definitely be Cozzia Dual Power ZG. It isn’t that expensive but it still holds notable premium quality, there are also some unique options like the heating therapy and vibration massage features which aren’t common in most recliners.

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