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You may or may not have heard about this company, but the Southern motion is a furniture company which has increased both its popularity and reputation in the past years. This is all due to the superior products like that Southern Motion has to offer to you.

Southern Motion Furniture Reviews


They create a variety of different products and each one holds its quality. Know that buying a product from Southern Motion, whether a sofa or a chair, will be proved time and time again to not be a disappointment.

This American company has worked hard over the years to bring the best possible experience to its customers, so how about we check some of their fine products in the Southern motion furniture reviews section?​

Southern motion recliner reviews: The best on the market

Let’s start southern motion power recliner reviews with an amazing piece of work.

This wall hugger recliner comes at both a premium price and premium quality. In its price category, it seems to blow every other product out of the water with its French seaming and traditional bustle backs.

With its Polyester design, you will not only get a recliner which can truly be referred to as eye-candy, you also get a design which is eco-friendly as well. The frame of the recliner itself is made out of oak with a solid wood construction type. This great product from Southern Motion also features about 40 reclining positions; including a power recline function with a reclining angle up to 145 degrees. A footrest is also included and is completely retractable.


  • Dimension: 39"W x 43"H x 41"D
  • Product weight: 208 lb.
  • Weight support: up to 300 pounds
  • Power recline
  • French seaming



  • Eco-friendly material
  • Resistant to stains and scratches
  • Great capacity for a single seat recliner
  • No power headrest

If you’re looking for something bigger than a reclining chair, then this double reclining sofa is the best choice for you. It features a good-looking design with the upholstery made out of microfiber and a sturdy structure made out of manufactured wood.

It supports a very high weight capacity that can’t be seen in other products, while the weight of the sofa itself can be considered lightweight. Apart from that, it features three seats, with two of them being able to be reclined.


  • Dimension: 41'' H x 89'' W x 43'' D
  • Product weight: 210 lb.
  • Weight support: up to 750 pounds
  • When fully reclined lays completely flat
  • Sturdy wooden design covered with microfiber



  • Sturdy and durable wooden design
  • It can take a lot of weight
  • Doesn’t need additional assembly
  • No heaters on seats
  • No massage options on seats

This sofa recliner from Southern Motion features a cherry red colour design made out of faux leather. Apart from the clearly good looking aesthetics, the structure itself is very durable and can withhold long time use. The body of the sofa features three seats, and two of them are retractable.

This recliner may not feature a heater or a massage option, but at its price point, it features a premium design. The exterior is made out of durable bonded leather while the interior features a wooden design made out of oak.


  • Dimension: 40'' H x 85'' W x 39'' D
  • Product weight: 189 lb.
  • Weight support: up to 320 pounds
  • Seat filled with foam material
  • Part of the savannah collection



  • Unique and stylish color
  • Doesn’t weight that much compared to other products
  • Comfortable design
  • No adjustable headrest
  • Seat cushions and cushion cover aren’t removable

This wonderful and affordable living room collection features two great products from Southern Motion, the Fandango Double Reclining Sofa as well as the Fandango Reclining seat. Both of the products are designed to bring you the best comfort possible at a family friendly price point.

Both structures are made out of solid oak and they are both covered in soft and smooth microfiber. The color scheme for both items is fully brown and they are both retractable. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your living room or if you’re looking to create a “mancave” for yourself, this combination will save you both time and money.

Features (sofa): 

  • Dimension: 41'' H x 89'' W x 43'' D
  • Product weight: 210 lb.
  • Weight support: up to 750 pounds
  • Flared arms
  • 3 seats

Features (loveseat):

  • Dimension: 41'' H x 76'' W x 43'' D
  • Product weight: 195 lb.
  • Weight support: up to 325 pounds
  • Comes with a console in the center



  • Great and affordable combination
  • Both are made out of oak which can last long
  • Both are covered with very soft microfiber
  • Footrest is powered while headrest isn’t
  • Customers complained about a lack of console in the loveseat

The benefits of owning a Southern motion recliner

We have already introduced in the Southern Motion reviews and southern motion furniture warranty that they produce one of the best recliners in the past years at an affordable price, but what is exactly the purpose or benefit of owning a recliner?

Well recliners have existed for a long time before Southern Motion as a company was created (with their southern motion power headrest recliner). In fact, they have been used in American homes since the 50’s and there are a lot of reasons why. You can compare recliners of southern motion vs flexsteel (flexsteel vs southern motion recliners) and southern motion vs lazy boy (southern motion furniture vs lazy boy).

Check out some of the major benefits that you get by owning a recliner:

  • Recliners relieve stress

For decades’ stress is known to cause major health issues, almost every health-related problem in your life may be caused by stress. Ranging from heart diseases and asthma, to depression and headaches, these are the health problems that may occur if you don’t free your mind of negative thoughts.

In the years, doctors started recommending their patients to rest every day for at least one hour in an effort to get rid of stress. And a recliner is a great way to get rid of all that stress due to the general comfort and relaxation that it can provide.

  • They help you with arthritis:

Having arthritis can bring great discomfort and ruin your joints if not treated correctly. Most power recliner reviews don’t tell you this, but by introducing a recliner in your lifestyle, you can help yourself by increasing the circulation of the joints as well as correct angling.

Some people even tend to recommend others to sleep in recliners instead of their beds as it will keep your muscles pulling down and increase your circulation overnight.

What to look for in a Southern motion recliner

Before starting and ordering one of the best recliners from a trusted brand, you will have to know the ins and outs of what makes a recliner good. Whether it is a sofa, chair recliner or even a power recliner, you will need to know what you need so that you don’t waste your heard earned money. Read on more in the southern motion reclining sofa reviews.

  • Build quality

The quality of the structure and build itself will be a huge deal-breaker depending on which material the recliner is made out of, normally with high quality southern motion furniture fabrics. This will also be linked with both the weight of the recliner and the weight capacity that it can take.

Based on my experience, southern motion furniture parts including southern motion power recliner parts are very durable as they are one of best leather furniture brands and top rated furniture brands. Southern motion customer service is also quite good. You can find southern motion furniture contact info easily on their website.

The best possible option for you when it comes to the interior is a sturdy wooden design made out of oak. On the other hand, when it comes to exterior you don’t have much to worry about. If your pocket allows you, you can go on for real leather. But if you want to stay at a family friendly budget, microfiber or faux leather will suffice.

  • Weight and capacity

This is another big aspect that is linked with the other ones in this list. If the recliner is made out of a tougher and heavier wood, the weight of it will increase, but it isn’t that bad since the weight carrying capacity will increase as well.

But if the shipping isn’t free, you might get a headache when you see the price for getting the recliner shipped at your doorstep. Aside from that, if it is too heavy you will also have a hard time getting it in your house, even worse if an apartment is in question.

  • Other features

With the rise of technology, we get all sorts of gadgets and features in almost every single object in our lives, and the same goes for furniture. Various marketing schemes will always offer you dubious features that you don’t need.

But sometimes these features may come in handy depending on what you look for in a recliner or a southern motion dazzle sectional. The most popular features are heating and massaging options and they are search for in every single recliner. But if you are a minimalist like we are, then a simplistic and cheap design will be sufficient for you as well.

You may wonder where is southern motion furniture made? The company is an native US manufacturer.​


With these Southern Motion furniture consumer reviews, we hope that we have not only helped you with purchasing the correct recliner for you, but we also hope that we shed some light on the reputation of Southern Motion.

We truly to recommend you to look at some other products that they make, but as for the question on which recliner out of the southern motion recliner review list to buy, we only have one thing to say. There really isn’t a product on the list that was the best one or the best bang for the buck. In the southern motion sectional reviews, all of them had their own pros and cons that will depend on your needs and desires, just take a look at your own style at the taste and select the recliner that will fit you the best. With the southern motion furniture reviews, now go and order a recliner that will make you happy and your house stylish.

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