Best Sleeper Sofa, Best Sofa Bed Reviews – Top 10 of 2018

Are you looking for the best sleeper sofa, best sofa bed? Great! You have landed at the right place now.

The in-depth sleeper sofa, sofa bed reviews in this post will certainly give you useful information that you need in order for you to make a good choice among the recommended most comfortable sleeper sofas on the market.

Choosing a good sleeper sofa in the vast marketplace has never been easy. To help you save time in selecting the right sleeper sofa with the best price, we did our own research and surveys for the purpose of providing you with the following short lists of the best sleeper sofas in 2018 under different price segments.

Hopefully, you get to compare them, and all you need to do is to find the best one among the following comfortable sleeper sofas, comfortable sofa beds, that fits you best.

The Best Sleeper Sofas - Best Sofa Beds  For The Money 2018

​Top 5 Best Value Sleeper Sofa Brands

The Benefits Of A Cool Sleeper Sofa / Sofa Bed

A good sleeper sofa is one of the best space saving ideas for your home.

Watch this video to know the reasons inside

Amazing Sofa To Bunk Bed Transformation

We certainly agree that you cannot underestimate the importance of a sleeper sofa at home, especially when you or your kids often invite some of your friends over to your place on weekends or other occasions.

We value our reclining sleeper sofa very much for all the convenience it brings not only to us but also to our guests.

We only have a small home, so there is no guest room at all. However, that does not prevent us from welcoming friends who want to visit or sleep at my home,

Not having a guest room should not be a problem at all. We actually bought one of the great sofa beds on the market so that we can still invite our friends anytime we want.

​Without further ado, here are the top 8 best sleeper sofa brands based on their value (quality/ price). Hopefully, you get to compare them to find your best value one.

Besides offering comfort to your guests, we also noticed that a comfortable sleeper sofa bed is an adorable piece of furniture for the living room.

Also, if you are a big fan of football, and since the TV at home is often in the living room and not in the bedroom, you can watch your favorite late-night football matches on TV in a very comfortable piece of furniture.

Short Reviews Of The Best Sleeper Sofas For The Money

1. Gold Sparrow Aspen Convertible Sectional Storage Sofa Bed

In our opinion, the Gold Sparrow Aspen Convertible is one of the most stylish and comfortable sofa beds in the market today and one of best sleeper sofas for comfort. It is particularly perfect for those days when you just want to sit back, put your feet up and relax.

If you’re having guests over, you can easily convert the sectional into a sofa bed in a matter of seconds. Laying on this 74-inch-wide sofa bed feels a lot like you’re laying on a full-size bed, so your guests will be able to sleep soundly.

The bonus: there’s built-in storage underneath the chaise seats and the love seat. A feature usually found in the high-class cool sofa beds, this will come in handy if you have limited space to work with and need extra storage.

Since the love-seat armrest is interchangeable, you can place the chaise seats on either side of the love seat.

On top of being flexible and versatile, the sectional’s European-style construction is sleek and elegant. The upholstery features pure leather and detailed stitching, while the frame uses sturdy tropical wood. Plus, the combination of white seats and black legs gives it a nice modern look.

2. Gold Sparrow Westminster Convertible Sofa Bed

The Gold Sparrow Westminster Convertible is incredibly easy to set up and involves very minimal assembly, making it among the best sofa sleeper options in terms of user convenience.

Once you’ve put the arms and legs in place, this sofa is good to go. Converting it into a bed shouldn’t be any trouble as well, thanks to its simple click-clack mechanism.

The sofa sleeper is also firm yet comfortable, so you’ll love sitting and laying down on it. Although the bed is 77 inches wide, it might seem a bit short to tall people, a common concern raised in some sofa bed reviews.

Design-wise, you can look forward to a chic and contemporary addition to your home. The sofa’s fresh European-style construction will brighten up any space and its size is just right for small living rooms.

3. Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Sleeper

A fan of the spacious yet space-saving design seen in many of today’s best sofa beds? The Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Sleeper is a good place to start your search.

Featuring bonded leather upholstery and tufted cushions, this sofa is very comfortable to sit and sleep on. Both the seating and mattress are soft but firm, providing the kind of support ideal for relaxation. Coaster Home Furnishing is quite famous for sleeper sofas as well as best office chairs for back pain.

The hide-a-bed can actually fit two adults at a time. And as with all the best convertible sofa beds, you can pull it out and put it back in with ease (even older children can do it). 

In terms of aesthetics, the couch looks really well-made and has that sophisticated and stylish feel that works nicely in small spaces. It requires little assembly, so after you’ve screwed the legs on, you can quickly set it in place in your living room or bedroom. Coaster Home Furnishings normally produce sleep sofas with good mattresses.

4. Coaster 300281 Home Furnishings Sofa Bed

The Coaster 300281 Home Furnishings Sofa Bed offers great value for money. For one, it has a tufted back and seat, soft charcoal microfiber bed, double-row contrast stitching for durability, a strong kiln-dried hardwood frame, and classy chrome legs. If you are a fan of best pull out sofa beds, pull out bed sofas, the Coaster 300281 is a good choice.

Besides being well-constructed, this model scores big as one of the great sleeper sofas in terms of functionality and user convenience. You only need to screw in the legs to complete assembly, and it features independently functioning split backs, making it super easy to convert the sofa to a bed and adjust it to your preference. As Coaster has thick experiences in the furniture industry, many products of Coaster were voted in the shortlist of best couches 2015.

Both the seating and sleeping areas are comfortable, and the pillow-top cushions and armrests are adjustable. If you are searching for the best sofa bed for your guests, the Coaster 300281 would make a superb choice.

5. Serta Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa

At par with the best sofa sleepers in the market, the Serta Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa impresses with its solid and sturdy build, comfort level and user-friendly features. Serta brand is well-known for sofa beds furniture, similar to lazy boy sleeper sofa.

You can immediately tell that this sofa is constructed well. The quality of its frame and fabric is top-notch, a fifth middle leg has been added for extra support, and on the whole it looks sharp, elegant and more expensive than it actually is.

The sofa may appear a bit bulky, but if you’re on the tall side, you’ll find that its size makes it comfortable for both sitting and sleeping. Also, the cushion has just the right firmness, so you can lounge and relax on it for hours or lay down on it daily.

You can even sit on the sofa in a reclined position, with the headrest raised. You can easily adjust the arm wings too or try the split back option, a feature you’ll find in many of today’s modern sofa beds.

6. Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Set Couch Bed Sleeper Chaise Lounge Furniture

If you’re big on versatility, this model is one of your best sofa sleeper bets. Not only is it comfortable and durable, but it can also be set up and used in multiple ways.

Assembly is a breeze, so you can put this together even if there aren’t any extra hands to help. Once assembled, the sofa easily doubles as a lounger and chaise.

Have an unexpected guest who’s spending the night at your home? You can quickly convert the sofa into one of the most comfortable sleeper sofas any of your friends or relatives has ever tried. The bed, which measures 70x30x15.4 inches, is also very sturdy

This budget-friendly sofa gets plus points for its classy and contemporary design featuring tufted faux leather upholstery and chrome legs. Plus, the upholstery looks and feels smooth and is easy to clean.

7. DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils

With the DHP Paris Futon, you get the most bang for your buck and one of the best sofa sleeper packages, as this model successfully fuses form and function.

Its sleek and sharp look is not something you see on the average futon, and because of that it could be a great focal point for any room.

From its linen upholstery and the back cushion’s lovely button-tufted design to its sturdy wooden frame and corner legs, this cool and classy futon is sure to get you lots of compliments, just as the model does on sleeper sofa reviews.

As a sofa and a bed, the DHP Paris Futon is quite comfortable and spacious. The cushion—filled with polyester and foam— is more firm and bouncy rather than squishy, and once you get used to this you can comfortably spend hours lounging on it.

But what really adds to its comfort and support levels is the use of independently encased coils in the seating, which allows for equal weight distribution as well. The cushions, over time, also manage to retain their shape instead of bunching up or breaking down.

Assembly of the futon is quick and easy, and so is the process of changing it from seating to lounging or sleeping positions. The split-back function enables users to adjust the positioning to their liking, the fold-out mechanism is a cinch to operate, and the bed is light enough for a single person to handle.

8. Modern Tufted Bonded Leather Sleeper Futon Sofa with Nailhead Trim in White

It may be at the lower end of the price range, but this futon looks classy, is well-made and has what it takes to be one of best convertible sofa beds in this segment.

This cream leather sleeper sofa queen or leather sleeper sectional has a tufted design with nailhead trim for a touch of sophistication; extra-strong bonded leather upholstery to prevent tears and rips; and durable wooden legs.

The white leather sleeper sofa is built for long periods of use, so you can expect ample comfort and support. You can also recline the seat for lounging (seat reaches 43 inches wide when fully reclined) and fold out the bed all on your own.

Since the back hangs out, the good couch pull out beds' solution would be to place this futon against a wall.

9. DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon

The DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon is proof that durable and comfortable futons aren’t always pricey. This model has a solid and sturdy wood frame, lush upholstery made of microfiber blends, and foam padding that provides nice, long-lasting support.

Another big plus: its luxurious pillow-top cushions. This add-on makes the already soft futon even more relaxing to sit and lounge on.

You can assemble the futon and transform it to a lounger or sleeper without any hassle or trouble. Each process is pretty straightforward, one of the key criteria in choosing the best sofa bed for your needs.

Just note that the bed, once set up, might be a bit short for tall people, as other sleep sofa reviews have also pointed out. If you are a fan of loveseats, you can also find a loveseat with pull out bed.

10. US Pride Furniture Kachy Fabric Convertible Sleeper Sectional Sofa Bed & Facing-Left Chaise

If you’re looking through sofa bed reviews in search for a sectional sofa that doubles as a bed and that would fit perfectly in your small apartment, the US Pride Furniture Kachy Fabric Sleeper is worth considering.

The american leather comfort sleeper is easy to set up, and the sectional can be converted into a 71-inch-wide bed in a few simple steps. The set actually consists of a sofa (33 inches high, 83 inches wide, 51 inches deep) and a chaise (16 inches high, 21 inches deep).

You can place the chaise on either side of the sofa, depending on whether a right- or left-facing sectional would be a great sofa bed solution in your space.

The sectional’s cushions use PVC foam, while the frame is made of wood, which gives it a warm and casual feel. I remember that this product was also in the list of most comfortable sleeper sofa reviews 2014 and best sleeper sofa 2015.

​A Comparison Study On Sleeper Sofas

What Are The Most Favorite Sleeper Sofas on The Market?

best sleeper sofa, best sofa bed

Customers' choice of the most favorite sleeper sofas

​We conduct an extensive customer survey to find out what are the most favorite sleeper sofas on the market. Based on the number of votes of existing sleeper sofa owners, the list of top 5 most favorite sleeper sofas are:

  • Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Set Couch Bed Sleeper Chaise Lounge Furniture
  • DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils
  • Gold Sparrow Westminster Convertible Sofa Bed
  • Serta Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa
  • DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon

​What are your choices? Let’s us know your choices by commenting below.

​What Are The Best Value Sleeper Sofas – Best Value Sofa Beds?

Our formulas used to select the best value sleeper sofa are:​

Value score = Quality/ Price

Overall quality score = Average score (comfort level, body supportive level, easy to convert, frame & material, durability)

Best Value Sleeper Sofas

​According to the survey, here are the top 3 best value sleeper sofas:

  • DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils
  • DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon
  • Coaster 300281 Home Furnishings Sofa Bed

What Are The Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofas – Most Comfortable Sofa Beds?

​Now we assume customers do not care about the price, we ask them to select the ones which they feel the most comfortable to sit on and lay down.

best sleeper sofa, the most comfortable sleeper sofas, most comfortable sofa beds

Customers’ choices of the most comfortable sleeper sofas

​Here is the list of the top 5 most comfortable sleeper sofas, selected by customers.

  • ​Gold Sparrow Aspen Convertible Sectional Storage Sofa Bed
  • Gold Sparrow Westminster Convertible Sofa Bed
  • Serta Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa
  • Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Sleeper
  • US Pride Furniture Kachy Fabric Convertible Sleeper Sectional Sofa Bed & Facing-Left Chaise

A Comparison Of Top 3 Most Affordable Sleeper Sofas

If you have a limited budget and still want to get good quality sofa beds but are not sure how and where to find it, we can help you choose the good quality sofa beds at the best price.

Let us provide you with the top 3 best value sleeper sofas with an affordable price. Actually, the best price sleeper sofas are selected based on (1) quality and what it can offer to you and your guests (2) price.

We especially want to guide you in your search for the best price, best value sofa bed, so we provide a comparison of the top 3 best value sleeper sofas with an affordable price (< $ 350). Read on to find out more about the 3 products as shown in the table below.

Comparison Factor

DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils

DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

Comfort level

It provides superior comfort.

It offers extra comfort.

Its comfort level is quite satisfactory.

Set up feature

It is easy to assemble and convert.

It can easily convert from a sofa to a lounger or a bed.

It is easy to convert from a sofa to a bed.

Materials and Durability

Its construction consists of quality back cushions, memory foam and durable hardwood materials.

Its cushions are firm and full, and it is supported by chrome metal legs, so it is sure to last for a long time, similar to best leather sofas.

Made of very good quality vinyl.


This lovely loveseat adds a classic appearance to a rather small living room.

Stylish and sleek, this best convertible sofa bed with modern appeal is great for your office or home.

It is designed for versatility and offers space-saving solutions for your living room.


This offers a supportive seating solution that is also ideal for dorms, offices and apartments.

This sofa can function as a bed, a lounger or a sofa.

Not only great for homes but also for camping, this best hideabed works well for sleeping, sitting, reading a book or watching TV.

Customer satisfaction

Most of the customers approve of its functionality even in small spaces.

Many customers love its quality and agree to its price.

A great number of customers are satisfied with its versatility and agree that its price is unbeatable

The Good

Since it is made of durable quality materials, you can expect this sofa to offer a high level of comfort and stability.

It is made of strong materials and has various functions such as a bed, a sofa and a lounger.

With a comfy backrest and armrests, this sofa is perfect for providing an instant sleeping solution when guests visit your home.

The Bad

Although it can accommodate two people in the sitting mode, only one person can sleep in this sofa

It lacks the armrests and a headboard, especially once it is converted to a bed. However, you can position it beside a wall or place it in the corner of the room for added security while you are sleeping.

This sofa needs to be re-inflated every now and then, especially when you use it often. However, it comes with deflation and inflation valves for the users’ utmost convenience.

The bottom line

It has the highest cost among the 3 products mentioned in the sleeper sofa reviews, but it is made of strong materials.

It is definitely more durable than the inflatable bed and has excellent features for a price that you will certainly agree.

Although its price is the lowest among the 3 products mentioned in the sofa bed reviews, it can already offer a sleeping solution anytime, anywhere.

Well, the most affordable sleeper sofa for us is DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon, Gray.

However, the best value sleeper sofa is the DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils. We have been using it since 2 years ago, and it is still very good until now.

In fact, we are not the only one who use it when watching TV or movies late at night but we also offer it for friends who sleep over from time to time on weekends or some special occasions. They also love the quality of this sofa bed since it is very stable and quite comfortable as well.

Indeed, we can say that this is the best value sofa bed with great quality that you can trust. Therefore, if you wish to get the best sleeper sofa consumer reports with an affordable price that can function well at a price you are willing to pay, this is the best choice for you.

One weekend, we slept over at a friend’s home. He has the DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils. He bought it over a year ago. It is very comfortable too. It is made of durable quality materials, but it costs more compared to the price of the queen sleeper sofa that we own. However, if you can spend more than $ 300 for a sofa bed, this is a great choice too.

If you like inviting friends over to your small home from time to time but want to get a sleeper sofa that can fit your limited budget, the Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed is also a good choice.

Although you have to inflate it every now and then, it can still offer a certain level of comfort like what the other comfortable sofa beds can offer and does not cost much at all. If you do not find a right sofa bed for you, best couches, best sofas may help too.​

A Look Inside: DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon

When all you need is a sofa that you can convert into a bed anytime, DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon, Gray can offer you that and more! This best modern sofa bed is an interesting piece of furniture that is ideal for any room in your apartment or home. In addition, with its multiple functions, you can never underestimate the value it brings.

Convenient Design

This versatile sleeper sofa is especially designed for convenience. Its upholstery looks rather simple yet can give a cozy feeling. It also has a space-saving design, so you can place it anywhere in your home without occupying a lot of space at all. What’s more, you can easily convert it into a bed as soon as you need one!

Durable Quality

If you wish to get a durable sleeper sofa bed, you would certainly agree to the quality of this sofa bed. Since it is made of high-quality foam filling, this best hideabed can withstand frequent use.

Moreover, its legs are made of chrome metal to provide maximum support and stability. Therefore, you can expect this sleeper sofa to last long.

Varied Functions

With its varied uses, this sleeper sofa deserves to be called as the best convertible sofa bed. For everyday use, it serves its purpose as a sofa quite well.

However, when you simply want to relax while watching TV or your favorite sports game, it can be converted into an instant lounger. What’s more, you can offer it to a friend who is sleeping over at your home one weekend.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

  • It has several color options.
  • It is convenient.
  • It has various uses.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • It can accommodate two people for lounging or sleeping purposes.
  • It is durable.
  • It does not have any armrests.
  • It has no headboard when used as a bed.

A Look Inside: Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

If you want to get a couple of comfortable sofa beds that the whole family can use anytime, anywhere without breaking the bank, Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed can offer the best sleeping solution at a very affordable price! With a very versatile design, you can expect a lot from this unpretentious sleeper sofa. If you spend enough time for searching, you may find several similar pull out couches for sale.

Many Uses

If you wish to own one of the best sofa beds that can be used for various purposes, this sleeper sofa is intelligently designed to do just that!

Apart from using it as a bed at night, you can use it as a comfortable sofa for your daily use. You can sit on it as you read, enjoy your favorite sports game or program on TV, or simply spend time talking with family members.

Quality Materials

In spite of its low price, the quality of this sleeper sofa does not come cheap at all. Although it is lightweight, it is sturdy enough to accommodate two persons. It is made of durable vinyl and created to withstand the weight of two regular-sized individuals.

Lightweight Design

Based on the sofa bed reviews, this sleeper sofa is favored by many customers not only due to its quality and affordable price but also due to its portability. It is light and can be transported easily, so you can even use this inflatable sofa bed outdoors anytime you want.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

  • It has a supportive backrest and armrests.
  • It can be stored easily.
  • It can accommodate two persons when it is used either as a bed or as a sofa.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • It offers convenience.
  • It is not heavy, so it is easy to transport.
  • Its price is unbeatable.
  • It needs to be re-inflated from time to time after several days of using it.
  • It only comes in one color.

Benefits of A Good Sleeper Sofa


Sleeper sofas can help you save space.

Similar to recliners, since sleeper sofas can be converted to a bed anytime you want, they are absolutely perfect for small apartments or homes, which can accommodate only small-sized furniture. If you are oversized people, good sleeper sofa and best big man recliner can be ideal choices.


Sofa beds make for an interesting addition to your living room.

With their lovely designs and stylish looks, queen size sofa beds will definitely create a touch of beauty and elegance to your home.

What’s even more amazing is that there are now so many different styles of sofa beds to choose from, so you will certainly find the one that exactly matches your other pieces of furniture and decor at home.


Sleeper sofas can be easily transported from one place to another.

They are specially designed in such a way that you can move them easily wherever you wish. Therefore, you can either move them to a certain space in your living room, TV room, your own bedroom or any part of your home.


Sleeper sofas are versatile.

They can serve as a sofa, a bed or even a lounger, depending on your needs at a certain time. What’s more, as they are specifically made for various purposes, the manufacturers create them by using durable quality materials that can last for many years.


Sleeper sofas help you save more.

Similar to select the best flushing toilet for your home which saves water, since you can have both a sofa and a bed when you purchase a sleeper sofa, you do not need to buy a separate bed that can cost you more money. 


Sleeper sofas are great for your guests.

If you have guests who are sleeping over, you can right away offer your sleeper sofa when you do not have a guest room. They will still be able to feel comfortable when they sleep even if you have the sleeper sofa in the living room.


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