How To Put On A Bed Skirt


At home, sometimes you wonder how manufacturers and bed keepers tuck bed skirts really effectively on everything, such as beds, sofas, chairs, even car seats. Sometimes you even think, “What if I wash the bed skirts, will I be able to put them back as neatly as they were before?” This dilemma often inhibits other people to wash their bed skirts because they are afraid that they might not be able to return them properly. Sometimes, it even stops people to change the sheets, especially when they do not have the idea on how to put on a bed skirt effectively.

A bed skirt, according to Rondwin (2010) from is also known as bed ruffles or dust ruffles. Initially, it was used for protection against dust, bed bugs and other forms of dirt that may accumulate under the mattress. But as time passed by, bed skirts developed new and improved uses. This is the reason why more people aim to learn how to put on a bed skirt.


Why do you need a bed skirt anyway?

Why do you need to know how to put on a bed skirt?

Why cannot you just put your mattress or cushions on your bare bed, or sofa bed?

Firstly, bed skirts are needed to protect the cushions from dirt, stains, and dust. At least with a bed skirt, you can easily remove, wash, and redecorate your bed or sofa.

Furthermore, if you are into a well-designed surrounding, you can use bed skirts to decorate your bed or sofa, depending on your motif. You can match it with the colors and designs of your walls, curtains or your mattress. You can also hide stains from your bed and sofa with a bed skirt, making it more pleasing to the eyes – another great benefit of bed skirts.

But the problem is, some people find it hard to put on bed skirts neatly. You have to admit it, sometimes, you call for somebody to do that for you which will cost you more, of course. But what if I tell you, you already can do it all by yourself in just following simple steps?

For putting bed skirts on mattresses, here are the steps to follow:

  • Remove all the beddings including the sheets, pillows, blankets and the mattress from the box spring.
  • Lay the bed skirt flatly on the box spring.
  • Adjust the position of the bed skirt so that the corners match the edges of the box spring.
  • Run your hands on the box spring to straighten the bed skirt and remove air bubbles.
  • Once everything is neatly done, and the bed skirt is very well in place, put back the mattress and cover it with your bed sheet.
  • Put the pillows and blankets back on the bed neatly.

Aside from putting a creative bed skirt for your bed, you can also try decorating your sofa bed with an artistic bed skirt. Here’s how:

  • Remove all cushions, and sheets from the sofa bed and place them on top of a chair or another furniture.
  • If ever the bed skirt is too wide for the sofa bed, you can fold, or trim the clothing according to the size of the sofa
  • Lay the bed skirt flatly on the box spring of the sofa bed.
  • Make sure to align the edges of the bed skirt to the corners of the sofa bed.
  • Run your hands on top of the box spring of the sofa bed to even out and straighten the bed skirt.
  • When everything is fixed, put all the cushions and covers back on the sofa bed.

Putting on a bed skirt is not as complicated as it seems. As long as you follow these simple steps, you can learn how to put on a bed skirt efficiently on your bed or sofa bed. It is helpful in trapping excess dirt, and dust particles under the mattress and cushions. It is also effective in preventing bugs and other insects get into your mattress and bother you in your sleep. Furthermore, it can give your furniture a greater edge with its fascinating designs and colors which can eventually be changed according to you.

Bed skirts might seem impractical for some people, but knowing its untimely benefits, it becomes essential. Knowing how to put on a bed skirt efficiently is no longer an issue by following these simple steps. Just remember to remove everything on top of the spring box of the bed or the reclining sofa to be able to place the bed skirt neatly. Remember to even out the edges on the corners and to remove excess air bubbles. Then you are all set, you are free to put everything back in place. But now, instead of a bare bed and sofa, you can now enjoy your furniture in a more cozy, more artistic way of designing your home.

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