How To Repair Electric Recliners


Having an Electric or Power Recliner gives more comfort to users as they can be reclined to different levels, unlike the manual ones. All you would have to do is press the controls to set it in the level of recline you'd like and enjoy sitting in this cozy chair.

However, when the mechanism of an electric recliner breaks down or you encounter a problem with it, you don't have to run to the repairman to have it fixed.



You could try to do it yourself! Difficult? Not when you have the right information. With it, electric recliner repair won't be too hard to do. Read on to learn about fixing electric recliners.You know that sometimes even the best electric recliners do come across some issues at times.


Step 1: It's All in the Electrics

  • If your recliner isn't responding or it seems to have no power, you should first check the outlet it is plugged into. To make sure of this, you can plug in an appliance you know is working properly or a light to check whether the outlet you are using is actually working. If the outlet is working fine, unplug your chair and test the hand control as some units have battery back-up.
  • If it is still unresponsive, tip the chair forward or lay it on its side, in case the footrest is open so you can see underneath it. Carefully check all the wires to make sure if they are all intact. This is the most basic step in electric recliner repair. If all the wires are undamaged, the problem may lie elsewhere.

Step 2: Check All the Parts

The next step you can do is making sure to check all the parts of your recliner's electrical system. To be more specific, below are the most crucial parts to check:

  • External or internal power supply
  • Hand Control
  • Lift motor
  • Relay boxes (can be found either behind the chair or in the back frame)
  • Heating elements and massage motors (if any - these may be mounted inside the padding of the chair and in this case, leave them be)

Some chairs come with different features so they may come with only a few parts while the best electric recliners may have all of them. List down the parts your chair has so it would be easier to identify which one is not working correctly.


Step 3: Get to Work

Now that you've done the first steps in electric recliner repair, you can start working on fixing the problem. Avoidance of the problems of electric recliners is to plug them into a surge protector before use. Even the smallest power surges may damage some if not most parts of your chair.

Electric recliners have delicate transformers which can be damaged by power surges too. If you are sure that your outlet is working but your chair isn't, then the problem most likely is the transformer. This means that the motor is fine but you would then have to order a substitute transformer as these cannot be fixed so easily.


Step 4: Open or Close

Your recliner may have stopped working either while it is in the open position or in the middle of it being closed. Different steps are to be taken in fixing the recliner in these situations:

  • Usually, an in-line plug may be the problem when a recliner which is in the open position stops working. The in-line plug may have just come loose so all you'd have to do in this case is check the wiring to see if all the connections are tight and secure. When the recliner is always used, the movement sometimes causes electrical wires to be pulled apart so if that happens, reconnect the wires and secure them with electrical tape so they won't come loose in the future.
  • A recliner which stops in the middle of being closed, fixing it can be more complicated. This may mean that the wiring has gone into the mechanism and it has been cut. When this happens, you'd have to find the wire which has been cut from beneath the chair.Carefully splice the wires together then wrap the open wiring with electrical tape. You may then secure the wires to the frame, far from the mechanism so it doesn't happen again.

Step 5: Go for the Reset Button

If your chair seems to have overloaded from too frequent use, the motor tends to shut down - this is a safety feature for most electric recliners. In this case, you may have to find the reset button.

Some recliners have a hole in the Hand Control, between the open and close buttons. Pop in the end of paperclip into the hole to reset it or simply unplug your chair and wait about 2 minutes or more before plugging it in again.


These are the simplest steps to follow in electric recliner repair. These steps could easily be done at home however, if there you've done all these and you've come across a problem wherein you cannot identify the source, and then it's probably time to call a repairman.

The good thing with electric recliners is they are simple machines with simple mechanisms so the problems encountered don't tend to be too difficult. You would save a lot of money if you fix your electric recliner yourself and this guide can help you do that. So in the case of your chair breaking down, you have the information you need to fix it! Good luck!

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