Benefit of Recliners for Pregnant Women

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“I would not have survived pregnancy without a recliner.” These words were from Michelle who just gave birth to Matthew, her first-born son.

Nursery recliner chairs made my pregnancy become easier

Nursery recliner chairs made my pregnancy become easier

Every expectant mother knows the discomforts associated with pregnancy. These include changes in the body like swollen and painful joints, easy fatigability and sleepless nights. Often, pregnant women feel this because of the body’s increased metabolism and increased hormone production to help the baby grow.

A good night’s sleep is very important for pregnant women for the body to be energized, rested, and most importantly, to prepare for the little one’s arrival. This is easier said than done because sleep deprivation during pregnancy, specifically, on the last trimester or later part of pregnancy can really be frustrating. As a matter of fact, the recently conducted poll of the National Sleep Foundation revealed that three-quarters of women experience insomnia.

So, how are you going to deal with your backache problems and sleepless nights during pregnancy? While you have heard of the importance of proper back alignment, proper posture, comfortable positions and extra pads or support from pillows to deal with pregnancy-related concerns, another option you need to consider to promote optimal comfort for a good night’s sleep is the use of pregnancy recliner chair.

What is a pregnancy recliner chair?

Pregnancy recliner chairs are the best chairs to use when you are pregnant because this chair gives you the luxury to adjust and reposition the chair in such a way that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Check this video to see how a maternity recliner chair can help a lot

Pregnancy can take a toll on you, especially when the little one grows bigger and bigger every single day. Until such time, you will be surprised to look for comfortable positions to sit up and get up after sitting and when sleeping. When you sit on standard or ordinary chairs, you will not feel as comfortable as when you are sitting on a pregnancy recliner chair or sometimes also known as nursery rocker recliner.

The following are the advantages of recliner chairs for pregnant women:


Get up and sit up easily with a recliner chair. Be relieved from backaches and circulation problems because you can now adjust the chair to a position that is ideally perfect and comfortable for you. The backrest can also be adjusted to give your upper torso the support that it needs. Footrests can be raised up to support your legs and prevent swelling of your feet. When you are comfortable, it is easier to rest well and sleep well.

Great space savers

Pregnancy recliner chairs are very good with space, unlike other types of chairs that fill up the entire living room. With the recliner chair for pregnant women, you are assured of space in your living room. In addition, this chair can be moved around easily, so you won’t have problems when rearranging your living room.


Pregnancy recliner chairs are price-friendly as compared to couches and sofas available in the market. You can get a pregnancy recliner chair at a convenient price while you enjoy the full benefits that it offers you – A well-rested and relaxed body on a comfortable chair.

Variety of colors and materials

You can choose the color and materials you want for your recliner chair. Whether you love fabric, leather or other materials, it doesn’t matter. Your creativity and freedom to choose what you want will never be deprived of you because various options are widely available for you to choose from. If you love fashion and style, you need not worry also, as pregnancy recliner chairs are simply elegant and stylish. These chairs can blend well with the rest of your décor. So, you can enjoy comfort and style.

Bottom line

You can still have a good night’s sleep and avoid the discomforts of pregnancy with proper posture, positioning (like lying on your left side to promote blood circulation), and use of pregnancy recliners. These common pregnancy health tips may not be something new to you but they are highly recommended by doctors. When correctly done, these pregnancy tips could make a positive impact on you during your pregnancy. You’ will feel more vibrant and alive.

No need to worry about sleepless nights during pregnancy because with the help of pregnancy recliner chairs, you can absolutely and comfortably rest and sleep.

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