How does a recliner work?

how to use a recliner

 Recliner: A Comfortable Seating Option

How do your reclining chairs work? A recliner is a popular seating option to give you the most desired comfort to relax and rest. It can be placed in your living room, office, study room, hospital, nursing home or in the clinic. A recliner chair is very useful for those who suffer from back pain quite often or for those who have a baby to breastfeed at home because it provides the much-needed support to the spine to keep it in good shape.

Recliner is a Comfortable Seating Option

Recliner is a Comfortable Seating Option

A recliner comes with a lot of benefits for its user as it has the right technology which gives perfect support to your back while sitting and a footrest beneath that can be customized to any angle of your choice. It can also be lowered or adjusted manually or automatically to your desired position to give immediate relaxation of the back muscles. If used regularly, recliners are very helpful to improve the quality of your life by providing multiple health benefits.


Before you fix your eyes on these recliners which are widely available in the market, it is important to know how does a recliner work and how it is designed. This will give a better idea about its benefits and solutions to minor problems without the need to call for a professional for fixing it. Moreover, this will make you more aware of its parts, features and mechanism, enabling you to choose the most comfortable recliner suiting your budget and needs.

Main Features

A recliner comes with a lumbar support, headrest and footrest which adjusts according to weight and angle of your legs to give maximum comfort. Advanced recliners also combine massage, storage compartment, heat, and vibration features while some are wheelchair accessible. Few of these can also be tilted to the near sleeping position that is commonly seen in trains, airplanes, and even homes. These chairs may have a lever on the side to make adjustments to various sitting postures or can be automated by pressing a button. You will also find an adjustable tension beneath the chair in the form of twistable wingnuts that can be tightened or loosened to amend the chair’s tension.

A good recliner should support your body well and make you relaxed

A good recliner should support your body well and make you relaxed

Recliners are usually large, heavy and immovable furniture pieces. If you have enough space, you can place your recliner in a living room that offers enough room for its extended footrest. In case there is a space crunch, look out for a leaner version like the one with wooden or no arms or the new models of wall savers recliners.


This is how a recliner chair works.

  • The frame of the recliner chair which is normally made of plywood or hardwood is aligned perfectly with heavy duty screws such that it reclines with ease and does not wear out soon.
  • The arms are separate pieces that are fastened together with cross bars. These separate pieces allow pushing back and front of the chair without extra effort.
  • Some of the models require you to push the seat backward while pulling a lever or pressing a touch button below the armrests of the chair.
  • Some others just bend with a little push by arms.
  • The electric reclining chairs help people with restricted mobility to get in and out of it easily.
  • In place of a lever, the reclining action in these chairs is done by springs which expand and resume their original position when you rise from the chair or lean forward.

Maintenance and Care

Despite its original life system and time-tested mechanisms, problems are sure to come, if it is misused or not maintained appropriately. So, if there is an unusual sound coming from any part of the recliner chair, just lubricate it with penetrating oil or you can visit many self-help videos on the net and follow simple DIY techniques. You may also refer to the owner’s manual or website for simple troubleshooting tips. Check your warranty period and you may even get your repairs or parts replaced free of cost.

Bottom line

With so much options available, it is always important to know how does a recliner work so that you can chose the most comfortable recliner which complements your budget and needs.

Recliner chairs are designed to give you maximum comfort and back support to relax and rest. It works perfectly for anyone who needs to sit comfortably for a longer period of time, like nursing moms and adults or elderly with restricted mobility who need to comfortably unwind on a chair.

With recliner chairs, comfort can never go out of style.

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John Carston May 9, 2016

I can see a lot of benefits to having a recliner, from what I’ve read on the site. I like that it can be adjusted to any comfortable angle to improve quality of life. The health benefits look great too. I appreciate the detailed info on the mechanism of the recliner, features, and maintenance tips as well. Thanks for the great info for choosing an awesome recliner!

Terry Walker November 26, 2017

How can the “rocking” tension be changed? My handicap wife needs to have less rocking of the chair while she gets up and out of the chair and while returning to the chair? She leans on both arms to get up and the chair becomes unstable during this position and she almost falls.

Thanks for your help.

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