Tips and Tricks on How To Fix Problems of Your Best Recliners (Part 2)

how to use a recliner

Although you have owned one of the best recliners, you should know problems you may face while using a recliner and get an idea how to fix the problems. This article provides you usual problems you may face and solutions to deal with them.

Unable to close the recliner sofa:

Usual problem with a recliner sofa:

Is your recliner stuck? The backrest is tilted and the footsteps are raised and you aren’t able to close it? This problem is often heard.


To solve it do the following things:

  • Check the mechanism of the couch. Remove the cover below and look for any broke piece of metal, wire or any rusted part in the machine.
  • If the repair is beyond you do-it-yourself abilities then call the repair centre for its service.
  • Keep in check the amount of weight you are loading on the couch. Excessive weight can lead to the inability of the springs to compress.
  • Look for the nuts and bolts tightened in the couch. If you see any of them loosened up, fix them.
how to fix if your most comfortable recliner unable to close

how to fix if your most comfortable recliner unable to close

Unable to open the recliner sofa:

Usual problem:

Many people have issues of recliner sofa not opening like they want to. At times it opens properly but at times it stays close. You must be wondering about the problem. It lies with the springs, joints and hinges which make up the system of the couch. No matter how hard you try to open it, the recliner gets fixed in the closed or semi-closed position.


Take note of the following things to reduce the problem:

  • Apply excessive force and try to open it at first but if the problem persists then call the repair service centre.
  • Spend some specific time on greasing the parts of the recliner. Lubrication helps the system of the couch to work smoothly. It also avoids rusting of the metal parts used to build up the comforting recliner.
  • As the mechanism placed below the seat of a recliner consists of metal parts or springs, you need to make sure they are placed in their appropriate places. If any part is broken or misplaced, adjust it.
  • Dust your recliner regularly
How to repair a recliner unable to open?

How to repair a recliner unable to open?

Recliner not locking:

Usual problem:

So far your luxurious recliner was working properly but all of a sudden it’s facing issues in its lock. Do you know how the lock works? The lock usually placed on the side of the couch gets stuck. It is made up of teeth like pieces, springs and bolts which makes up the lock system. Any fault in it can lead to improper working of the lock.


This is how you can solve various issues related to the lock:

  • If you are unable to change the position of the recliner owing to the stuck lock, then try exerting some pressure on it, this might help you change its position.
  • As the lock might be broken, you should look at its system. Make sure its nuts and bolts are in place. Any loose part can lead to various problems.
  • Replacing the faulty lock with a new one would solve the problem.
  • Your screwdriver and a hammer might fix the problem too if you have a good insight of this furniture piece but if you are scared to do it yourself as it might lead to complete destruction, you can make use of the services provided by the furniture care centers.
  • Make it your habit to lubricate the mechanical parts of your recliner.
  • Strictly follow the weight limit given in the manual of your recliner.
What should you do if your best reclining chair not locking?

What should you do if your best reclining chair not locking?

Watch the video guide on how to repair a broken recliner

If your recliner is often broken, you may have selected a wrong one. Read our reclining sofas’ buying guide to know how to select one of the most comfortable recliners with high durability.

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Tobias Armstrong February 3, 2016

Thank you! My recliner has been stuck for days and I haven’t known what to do. I looked at it and turned out that it had missed a bolt and that’s why it wasn’t locking. You saved me the cost of a professional or a replacement, so thanks again for sharing!

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