Why My Reclining Chair Is Not Reclining Properly?

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It is very annoying when you sit in your recliner chair like Lane recliners and find out that it is not reclining properly. You try to pull the lever harder but nothing happens. This is one of the common problems which can happen to most of the power recliners. Without knowing what causes the situation, you will not be able to resolve it. If this is what happened to your recliner all of a sudden or for a while now, read on further to find out the real problem.

Lift mechanism

If you want to review why your recliner chair or lift chair stops reclining or gets stuck often, you must need to know how it works. There is an arm located on the outer part of the recliner and it uses a mechanism to lift the footrest. When the footrest is lifted, your chair reclines.

Does your reclining Chair has some problems when reclines or enables to recliner?

Does your reclining Chair has some problems when reclines or enables to recliner? [source wikihow.com]

There are a few bolts and screws which hold the arm in its position. If at all the bolt gets loose or mispositioned, it locks the reclining path and your recliner stops working all of a sudden. The same situation can happen to the bolts which are in the lift mechanism and the result will be the same. To fix this, you need to tighten the bolts using a screwdriver and a small hammer. But while doing this, you need to ensure that you do not damage any metal parts because it may result in permanent damage of the parts.

Lock lever

The lock lever is the mechanism which helps to lock the motion of your chair. The lever can become loose which might probably be the cause. There is also a small ring on the yoke lock which might get locked in the gap and prevent the recliner from working. In that case, try pulling off the ring from the base and place it in the right position. If you find any bolt is missing, try to find it out and fix it back and make sure that it is tight. If the lever is completely damaged, you might have to replace it with a new piece.

Electrical supply

If anything happens to the electrical supply to your recliner due to a fuse problem or a loose wiring, your recliner will stop working. You need to make sure that you have flowing current supply from the outlet. If the motor is receiving power and the hand control is in a good position, your chair will work partially with some noise. If the chair doesn’t make any noise when you push the hand control, then you have to check the power supply. If the power supply is perfect, the problem might b with the motor or hand control. A short wire might be causing the problem with the motor or it can be a loose bolt in the hand control.

Like any electrical and mechanical machines, your recliner can also have some issue which might frustrate you. But in most of the case, things can be fixed with some minor adjustments and you do not even need the help of another person. Learning to fix these common problems will help you to save a lot of money in the long run.

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