A Brand New Recliner Once Again! Tips For Recliner Cushion Covers

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Let’s Get Recliner Covers Rolling

Get recliner covers rolling

Get recliner covers rolling

Have you ever owned a recliner? If yes! You are one of the privileged ones. A recliner never belongs to one person; it becomes a part of the family, oh yes! even pets. Since all recliners are cozy and stress relieving why wouldn’t one want to keep it in the perfect condition. Some recliners padding is made of leather where as others are made of fabric depending on the model and its maker.

In both cases one needs to keep it clean and prevent it from wearing-out. After all its the family’s favorite cozy nook. To maintain your evening bliss, we bring you an idea which will entail effortless work, hygienic space and a brand new look for your room – recliner slip covers. These covers are not only easy to make, but can boost your creativity with colors, patterns, designs and your choice of fabric. Advantages are numerous but let’s show you how easily it is done.


Recliner Slipcovers

Things needed:

  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric pins
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Slipcover fabric

Tip: Before starting, determine if your recliner has a ‘box’ cushion or ‘T’ cushion design.

 recliner cushion4

Let’s get those covers rolling!

Before putting your art cap on, planning things is an advantage.

  • First of all examine your recliner: What shape it upholds, breaking down the front and back into sections.
  • Draw it! Literally place a soft paper (newspaper) and trace out the panels such as arms and back and cushions. Once this is done, draw a neat picture on a chart paper for a clearer perspective. Details for later.
  • Get exact measurements of the recliner.
  • Place your drawing on the back of the chosen fabric, mark dots with tailor’s chalk.

Tip: Always add 5cm extra on the length (the part creating a curve over the arm) for a perfect shape.

  • Keep an extra 2-3cm allowance for the seam space. No more than this to minimize waste.


Join It Up!

recliner cushion5

Next step:

  • pin up the pieces (back side)
  • Use a strong thread to sew the pieces together.
  • Right sides facing, lay the fabric on top of each other, pin it up along the marked line and backstitch all the way.
  • (Arm) For a rectangular shape, follow the above instructions. For a curved arm, starting from the outer front bottom corner of the arm front, pin the “right” sides together, bending around the front arm panel until your fabric finishes. Back-stitch the arm, pinch then press to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Repeat again.

recliner cushion3


Tip: Before joining the three pieces (two arms and the main piece), stitching your joins with a running stitch to strengthen them can come in handy later.

  • Join one arm to the main part first. Pin up the facing corner of the front of seat piece on to the arm panel. Stitch from the lower end to the corner.
  • While pinning up the main piece to the width of the arm panels, keep an eye on the actual measurements. Back-stitching is the next step. Now, pin the front of back piece to the back of the arm and repeat the stitching procedure.
  • Check for size by trying on the cover. Adjust as required!

Voila! You are done. You have a brand new look once again!

recliner slipcover3

Tip: Keep trying the cover by slipping it on and sitting on it to check if the stitching is tight or loose.


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