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Are you looking for the best Catnapper recliner to buy? Great! You have landed at the right place now. This sale season  is the best time to buy recliners and other home products.

To help you save time in selecting the right Catnapper recliner with the best price, I did my own research and surveys for the purpose of providing you with the following short lists of the best Catnapper recliners in this sale season 2016 under different price segments. Hopefully, you get to compare them, and all you need to do is to find the best one among the following Catnapper recliners, that fits you best.

The Best Catnapper Recliners: 2017 Shortlist

The technology behind recliners has been consistently evolving through time. Modern day power recliners can rock, swivel and even give massage to the weary body, apart from just reclining.

Top 5 Catnapper Power Recliners

Choosing a good Catnapper power recliner out of the wide range available in the marketplace has never been so easy. All you need to do, is find the best one based on your interests from the shortlist below and get going.

Many buyers look for these value adds when they look for a good Catnapper recliner. Imagine, reading a book by your favorite author or catching up your favorite shows on TV, sipping your preferred tea or coffee while sitting on a comfortable Catnapper recliner. It definitely sounds like a great idea.

With so many options available, one has to be informed to make the right choice in picking the right recliner. Some common questions of customers which you also need to consider before you decide to buy a recliner are the following:

  1. Does the headrest support the neck and head appropriately?
  2. Do our feet touch the floor while we sit in the recliner?
  3. What kind of upholstery is the best to choose? Is it leather, suede or vinyl?
  4. Which is better, a recliner chair with heat and massage features or a simple rocking recliner?
  5. How much does a Catnapper recliner cost?

Selected Catnapper Recliner Reviews


1. CATNAPPER 45175222029 Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner

CATNAPPER 45175222029 Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner is perfect for taking a cat nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The solid hardwood used in this chair makes it more durable.

This bear brown color sofa looks so attractive and is perfect for your living room.

The swivel and glide feature makes it flexible. It has a cushioning effect like a mattress and has large padded arms.

It is easy to use and can become completely flat.

The chair comes in two pieces and can be easily assembled at home. The product comes with a warranty and the weight of this particular recliner is 115 pounds and dimensions are 40x42x43 inches.

2. CATNAPPER 4825180015 Soother Woodland Power Lift Full Lay Out Chaise Recliner with Heater and Massage

This woodland chair comes in various colors such as; green, golden brown, burgundy and blue.
The chair doubles up as a sleeper as it reclines to a level which is comfortable for sleeping.
The heat and massage unit can make one relax and rejuvenate. Based on our researches, we rate CATNAPPER 4825180015 Soother Woodland Power Lift Full Lay Out Chaise Recliner with Heater and Massage as the best catnapper power lift recliner.

The weight of the chair is 127 pounds with dimensions as 36x39x43 inches and comes with a warranty.

3. CATNAPPER 4415512038 Cosmo Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner

This stylish black leather chair will surely make the heads turn.
It is a heavy duty chair that comes as fully assembled.
The recliner can become completely flat that makes it extremely comfortable to sleep. If you are a fan of leather recliners, you will be happy to know that CATNAPPER 4415512038 Cosmo Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner is voted as the best Catnapper leather recliner by our home advisors.
It can also swivel and rock and the head rest reclines to an appropriate level so as to ensure proper body posture.

The weight of the chair is 124 pounds with dimension of 40x42x43 inches and comes with warranty. The bonded leather gives a nice feel to the chair.

Summary of The Catnapper Recliners Reviews.

Through our research, we find that suppliers of Catnapper recliners have happy customers who are not only awed by the comfort that the chair gives but the style quotient that it provides to their homes.

The reclining feature of Catnapper recliners makes this recliner durable and long lasting, such as catnapper magnum recliner and catnapper reclining chaise .

On selecting a recliner one has to keep in mind both the pros and cons of the product. The Catnapper reviews will give you an insight on the benefits of the products.

Advantages and disadvantages of Catnapper recliners

Things I like

  • These recliners can be used in any room of the house.
  • They come in all price ranges. So one can opt as per their budget and need.
  • One can choose the color and upholstery as per the room décor.
  • The recliners with massage feature help a person to rejuvenate and pamper oneself.

Things I don’t like

  • Though the recliners give all the benefits, like everything else, it also has some disadvantages. For example, if you are seated on a recliner for a long period of time, your blood circulation may be affected. You also need to consider the space in your house because some Catnapper recliners are bulky. Despite the pros and cons of recliner chairs, it is still best to check out the Catnapper reviews before you decide.


In general, the Catnapper recliner reviews show that Catnapper recliners receive very positive rating.

If one searches on the web for Catnapper recliner reviews, one can find a great deal of firsthand information from the users of this exclusive product. Most of them consider Catnapper recliners as an amazing piece of furniture with beneficial features.

Catnapper recliners’ owners are very happy and satisfied with these Catnapper recliners and feel that these chairs are great value for money.

If you need more tips to buy a recliner, buying guide for best recliners should be useful.

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