Comfort Products 60-078011 Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat

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Overview of the Product:

In my opinion, Comfort Products 60-078011 is one of the best recliners at cheap recliner category among the others in the marketplace. It is manufactured within thick padded artificial suede upholstery associated with chocolate brown color. It is also made with a good construction including a timber base.

For massage customization, this reclining chair offers versatility using its 9 pre-programmed massage modes. To create the massage session even more perfect to your requirements, it is possible to choose of the 5 intensity levels also. Additionally, if you need the chair in order to focus on a particular section of your body, it is possible to select therapeutic massage for an unbiased zone.

Comfort Products 60-078011 is absolutely perfect for the real home, office or sunlight room. Select from five intensity levels to attain the level of therapeutic massage best suited to your requirements.

8 oscillation motors focus on four therapeutic massage zones within the top and lower back, calves and thighs, allowing the particular consumer to utilize all zones simultaneously or even select zones separately for a far more concentrated approach.

Therapeutic massage recliner chair

Therapeutic massage recliner chair

My Reviews for Features of the Product:

  • Eight vibration therapeutic massage motors to loosen up top of the back, mid back, calves  and thighs
  • Choose independent therapeutic massage zones, 9 pre-programmed unique modes and five strength levels
  • Soothing heat therapy in back area
  • Functions swivel, recline plus recline tension modification
  • Luxurious thick, chocolate bars brown cushioned micro suede upholstery with a new wood     base intended for the most comfort

Benefits of Using the Product:

Increase Blood Flow:
Blood carries all of the important nutrition for the muscle tissues and vital organs of the physical body; therefore it is needed for its appropriate working. This real most comfortable recliner electronic massage chair assists in improving the particular body’s blood circulation that has many benefits.

Improve Your Posture:
A bad position makes a difference your blood stream and create breathing issues. This particular recliner chairs may relax the muscle tissues and enhance their versatility, assisting to restore posture thus. If you spend a whole lot of amount of time in front of some type of computer, this can be useful really. Several minutes of serious relaxation shall boost your energy levels and can leave the body feeling rejuvenated.

Action against Pain:
Benefits of robotic massage chair spread to the fitness of your skeletal program also. They focus on painful and stiff joints by increasing their versatility. Massage chairs use various techniques to fight the pressing issue, which includes rubbing, rolling, other and knocking. Massage chairs are proficient at combating back pain especially.

Affordable Cost:
I love this chair really, when I think about the price specifically. This is a comfortable seat intended for sitting or reading through or napping (plenty of naps have got occurred). The particular massage is soothing, and the heating system is effective enough for me.

Solid Construction and Design:  
Comfort Products 60-078011 is well-crafted and built of sturdy components. Furthermore, an excess weight is had by every seat capacity. You might also desire to be sure the seat using its color plus style fits your house or office personal. Besides you will be impressed with its sleek design.

My Review for Pros of the Product:  

  • Two weeks return/exchange policy is the best advantage for this product
  • Absolutely easy to use and clean
  • 100% Fulfillment Warranty on most sales
  • Comfy chair for reading or seated or napping
  • Suitable for a little family room, swivels, looks elegant enough for the decor.

My Review for Cons of the Product:

  • This is simply not for heavier individuals.
    * It does not give a serious tissue massage.

Watch the video:

Maintenance and Cleaning:

  • Your chair doesn’t require any regular or routine service.
  • In case of a fault, make sure you get in touch with your Provider or local Days Healthcare     Agent.
  • The folding and motor mechanism requires no cleaning.
  • The particular upholstery could be cleaned with light sponging of cozy soapy drinking water or household upholstery cleaner.
  • Don’t use whiten base cleaners in order to avoid discoloration

My Brief Customer Reviews:    

I have been using this particular recliner for a long time. I think Comfort Products 60-078011 is one of the best recliners among the other cheap recliners in the marketplace.  The chair looks wonderful and is comfortable generally. The reclining mechanism is manual entirely. Basically, you move the back rest up and down together with your body weight.

You can find 2 friction knobs you may use to lock this into place. They are a bit discomfort due to just how long it requires in order to screw in two knobs to obtain all of them tight sufficient in order to lock the sliding system. The base construction is another issue of this recliner.

Overall, the chair is great. I am happy with its affordable price. So it is highly recommended.


Comfort Products 60-078011 includes an excellent light wood colored bottom for added balance, a swivel function, adaptable recline and the capability to support around 225 lbs. Along with all the top features of the 8- motor massage couch, you might never desire to leave the comfortable surroundings of your own home. So it is one of the best recliners in the marketplace. By using these particular best rated recliners you will be amazed. So heat is effective and oscillation is a good way of soothing and that is what this particular chair is for “relaxing”. Other recliner reviews can be found in this site.

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