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Troubleshooting Power Recliners

In earlier days, the power recliners were for elders alone. But now, the story is different. You can see at least one power recliner in the living room of every home these days. Starting from electrical components to its powerful functions, power recliners have many more advantages than manual ones. As with all electrical things, problems like overload, electrical storms, power surges can cause a power recliner to stop working. If your recliner has stopped working, there are certain things you can do before making a call to your retailer’s customer service line.

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Your power recliner does not work or you find any problem with it?

Problem 1: The recliner is not opening/ closing.

Solution: Some people might face issues of power recliner not opening at all or in the way it should be. The opening mechanism involves a lot of springs, hinges and joints and if any of the parts becomes stiff, the recliner doesn’t open or close properly. Apply great force and try to open or close it and if it doesn’t work, you need to call the service center. In order to avoid the problem, you have to grease the parts consistently. Lubrication is very important for the parts of the recliner to work smoothly. If any spring is broken or out of place, you need to find a solution for that. Make sure that you clean your power recliner on a daily basis.

Problem 2: If your power recliner stops working when it is open.

Solution: You need to check whether the outlet has power or not. If it has power and still the chair doesn’t have it when plugged in, unplug the recliner and connect it once more. Or you can also make use of the battery backup. The recliner has many wired connections and if any one of it gets loose or disconnected, you may face problems. Make sure that the connections are intact and proper. You need to check with the connection often because, the movement of the recliner can cause tension on the wires and they might get loose.
At times even if the recliner is having a power supply, there might be issues when the motor is non-functional. In that case, you have to replace the motor or hand control. You can simply use a multimeter to find out the real problem.

Problem 3: The recliner doesn’t move properly or makes noise when reclined/ inclined

Solution: If your recliner moves intermittently, make sure that you hold the lever either in recline or recline position for at least 5 seconds. If you keep on pulling and pushing the lever in different directions, it becomes difficult for the actuator to engage properly. If the chair doesn’t recline/incline, check whether the chair is plugged in correctly into the outlet. Also make sure that nothing is restricting the movement of the footrest and if this does not work, replace the recline actuator or the left-hand armrest. Restricted movement can also occur if the scissor mechanism or metal lift frame is broken.
When the footrest is folded inwards, a slightly mechanical sound is produced which is quite normal. But loud clunking sound when the chair reclines or inclines indicates a problem with the foot rest rod. The rod might have popped up towards the direction of the reclining movement, but it no way affects the overall functioning of the recliner. To resolve the noise issue, you might need to replace the footrest rod or backrest.

Problem 4: Damage to the electrical parts

Solution: First of all, using a surge protector is utmost important for protecting a power recliner from a power surge. Make sure that all electric wires are routed away from recliner parts so as to protect them from any kind of damages. A surge protector gives the right level of protection for the electric components of the recliner. Before installing it, read the instructions carefully and stick on to the safety precautions and recommendations.
After doing all these things, if the problem still exists or if you are not a DIY person, you need to call a retailer or a repair guy. Most of the power recliners come with a 1-year warranty and even longer warranty for specific parts. If you are still under the warranty coverage period, you can call your retailer’s customer care to get the service of an experienced technician to solve the issue.

Please refer the following video guide on troubleshooting your power recliner

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