Tips for Removal and Reinstallation of Recliners

recliner tips and tricks

how to remove and reinstall recliners

how to remove and reinstall recliners

The luxury items have evolved with the passage of time. Recliners, gliders, rocking chairs are all a part of the luxury furniture family which help us relax and regain our strength for the demanding chores of life. Nonetheless, moving these bulky furniture items, be it for any reason, such as across the room, shift into the new house or moving across country can be stressful.

There are all sorts of recliners such as those a part of a sofa set and others are standalone chairs. The key to moving these beasts lies in planning step by step instead of man power. Most recliners come with a manual full of options of removable backs for easy carriage.

Whereas all the recliners are different; the moving methods are similar with slight variations depending on the model and the manufacturer. Some have locking tabs, others have thumbscrews or clips. Let us look at some trouble-free steps so that you can easily and successfully manipulate these chairs.

Tip: Move up the chandeliers or chimes before moving the recliner in the room


A recliner demands the back to be removed before moving into a new room or a new house. Removing the back not only makes it lighter to be carried, but helps the manpower balance it well.

Tip: Before moving in the doorway or any hallway, measure the dimensions between the current and the prospective location.

How to remove the back of the recliner?

  • Bring the recliner in the middle of the room away from walls and doors.
  • Make the back accessible by rolling it onto its front.
  • Find the area of loop-and-hook tape where it is attached with the leather or the fabric.
  • Pull the fabric or leather away from the recliner.
  • Keep folding it till you the chair’s mechanism can be seen
  • Search for thumb screws or metal tabs at the lower bottom of the recliner and near the arms.
  • Remove these screws by turning them anti-clockwise with a screw driver.
  • If there is a metal locking tab, hold the tab, press it firmly forward while you pull the bottom of the chair upwards to unlock the mechanism.
  • Pull the back up in a straight direction. It will come off.
  • Slightly rocking it sideways can help slide the back off from the brackets.

Tip:  Keep all thumbscrews in a plastic sealable bag so losing them is not an option. 

Reinstalling the back:

After you have moved the dismantled recliner into the prospective room, the reinstallation process should not take long. Although it sounds easy, the re-installation needs more maneuvering. The process is basically the opposite of the removal.

Easy steps:

  • Move the chair in the middle of the room
  • Keep all the parts handy such as the thumbscrews, screwdriver, brackets, etc.
  • Discover the place where there are brackets on the chair’s back and the bottom half.
  • As the brackets slide onto each other or over one another, line the brackets together in a straight direction.
  • When the sliding is done and the brackets look stable, just add screws or tabs in the right places.
  • Administer if any thumbscrew is missing. Other than that, you are done!

Tip:  Use a lit up room for removal/reinstallation so that the process is easier next time.

Tip: Applying packaging tape directly on the fabric can ruin it.

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