The SFSH Creative Writing Annual Scholarship

As a start-up company, we at Smart Home Group recognize the power of the written word, online and offline. Writing is also very important to students. Therefore, we want to help students exhibit their ability and creativity through writing about any smart home feature that they wish to see in the near future that can be a part of their smart home.

We would like to offer the SMART FURNITURE FOR SMART HOME (SFSH) Creative Writing Annual Scholarship to students, the next generation of our country. This scholarship program will also give the student an opportunity to gain relevant background about the smart home trends and motivate them to write down any creative ideas for smart furniture that they wish to have.


Value: $ 1000 per recipient

Past Recipients:

  • 2016 - 2017 school year: Jennifer Aniston @ Memphis University (UofM)

Eligibility Requirements

​Applicants must be:

  • Students who are currently enrolled in colleges, universities or educational institutes are encouraged to apply.
  • U.S. citizens
  • Carrying a minimum 3.00 GPA currently

How To Apply

To apply please submit a short essay (a minimum of 500 words) describing a smart home feature you wish to have, via email to with the following subject:

SFSH Scholarship - Your Name - Your Institute Name

Make your essay creative, innovative, and interesting. Some examples of smart furniture for smart home that we are contributing to develop can be found at here for your reference.

For example, with IoT, a smart mattress is able to track your sleeping patterns, tells you how well you sleep and gives you recommendations on how to improve the quality of your sleep. With Smart Home, we provide additional smart features such as the smart mattress being able to give you a relaxing massage, detect when you are tired, monitor your heart rate and breathing rate, all in order to monitor your overall well-being.

The mattress should also be able to monitor your weight and provide information about your nutrition, fitness, diet and other necessary biometric information. It should also detect emergency situations and send an alarm message to your family members and emergency services. This allows you to benefit greatly from the smart feature of a piece of furniture as simple as your mattress.​ Similar smart features can also be programmed for best recliners and other types of furniture.

Intelligent Mattress for your Smart Bed Room

Intelligent Mattress for Your Smart Bed Room

*** Notes

  • There is no cost and no purchase is required for students to apply for this scholarship program.
  • We respect and protect the privacy of the students and we do not sell, share or disclose their information to any third-parties.

Starting and Closing Dates

Applications for the 2017-2018 school year scholarship will be accepted until May 31, 2018. (updated)

All applications will be judged by our expert panel. The recipients of the scholarship will be selected on June 10, 2018. The recipients will be contacted individually via email by us. The provisional list of successful scholarship recipients will be posted on our website. Please note that in order to ensure reliability, the funds will be directly sent to the winner's school.


To find out more information about this scholarship, feel free to visit our website or send emails to scholar AT cuddlyhomeadvisors DOT com.

About Smart Home Group

As a result of the recent development of Internet of Things, all things can be connected and programmed. For this reason, our vision at Smart Home Group is to use this development to everyone’s advantage. That is, to connect and program home furniture and home products with smart features.

Together with many large US, European and Asian companies, we at Smart Home are working towards smart homes and smart furniture design. Our overall aim is to create a revolution in the design of homes and home furniture. With this, we introduce Home 2.0 (Smart Home) and Furniture 2.0 (Smart Furniture). Smart furniture and smart homes are expected to be popular among our country’s younger generation, particularly millennials, in the near future.