Are There any Problem with Your Back If You Often Use Too Soft Sofas

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“Comfy sofas can cause back pain” is actually a contradicting statement.  Comfy sofas are meant for making you comfortable. But new studies say that they are not really great for your musculoskeletal health.

Days are gone when there were only wooden chairs at every home. Now wooden chairs are replaced by super comfy and fluffy cushion sofas. Most of the users have reported that they are having lower back pain and shoulder stiffness after using reclining sofas for a long time.
Different parts of your back

What is the real truth?

Although comfy sofas might seem to be more comfortable, the truth is something else. When you sit in soft furniture, most likely you would slouch rather than sitting in spine upright posture. Too deep sofas can cause your spine to form a C-shape and ultimately stretching the muscles and ligaments. This leads to more stress and strain to your disc and ligaments and leads to pain over time.


Sitting comfortable doesn’t always mean sitting properly. In order to sit in a good posture, you need to get more back support. Most of the today’s modern furniture fails in providing adequate neck and spine support for you. By sitting in a bad posture for a very long time, you keep on adding stress to your back and spine which results in back pain and shoulder aches.

The sofa set might claim to have all sorts of ergonomic features to shape up according to your body.  But its soft feature is one of the main reasons for your bad posture. Slouching is one of the major factors contributing to backaches. Your body will not release into gravity easily when you are sitting on a cushioned sofa.

How to deal with it?

Now you know that comfy sofas are the culprit when it comes to your back pain. But for this reason, you cannot replace all modern furniture with less modern wooden chair and sofa sets. So what else you can do? Try not to slouch too much while sitting in soft and deep sofa furniture. You can use extra pillows to correct your position. It is always better to sit in a way that your foot touches the floor and your knee is at the same level with your hips. Sitting by crossing your legs together or by keeping those on the sofa always result in a bad posture.

It is not always possible to live without comfy sofas and other modern furniture. But you have to be extra careful if you have back pain. Good reclining sofas can help reduce your back pain, which has been proved by scientists. It is always good to bid adieu to the comfy chair or sofa and to shift to your old wooden chair in that case.  Whenever you choose a sofa for your home, do not go by looks alone. Try to pick the one which gives adequate support for your back while sitting on it. Moreover, health issues caused by sofas were not a story at all in the past. Our dramatic lifestyle changes are also to be blamed for this.


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