Your Sofa Bed Frame Has Some Problems? How to Repair It?

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The Sofa bed is essential furniture of any home. As it is something which you use consistently, it is prone to both minor and major wear and tear.

It is common for the bed frame to develop cracks and splits over time. But in most cases, if you know how to fix certain things, you can save a lot of money on the repair service. So here is a quick guide on how to repair a sofa bed frame on your own.

If any parts have splits or cracks

Make your sofa bed / sleeper sofa working again

Make your sofa bed / sleeper sofa working again

In order to locate any splits or cracks, turn your sofa bed upside down. Now, look for cracks in obvious places like joints, arms, legs or where two pieces join together. When a lot of weight is centered in a particular area, there are chances that splits or cracks appear. If the cracks are relatively small, you can put some glue and clamp them. But, if the cracks are large and severe, you will have to overlay the damaged area. Do not try to fix big cracks or splits with glue because it will not hold and your sofa bed might collapse again which will only make the situation worse.
To overlay the damaged area, first you need to measure the frame. Then, cut plywood which matches the measurement of the broken part and glue it and place onto the top of the broken part.

If the joints sag

The joints are one of the most sensitive and problematic areas of a sofa bed because they are fixed together with nails and screws and it is common for them to lose their clench. You can retighten those using screwdrivers, but it will not work if they are stripped. In that case, you have to drill through the parts and put some glue into the hole and hammer long nails to attach the parts together for a tighter grip.

If the metal parts are damaged

Most of the sofa beds have a convertible mechanism which is made of metal parts. When you make use of the mechanism on a daily basis, the nuts start losing their clench and finally the metal framework loses its efficiency. Turn the sofa upside down and look for fallen out nuts and bolts and try to put them back on to the right position. If you can’t find the nuts, bolts and washers, you need to replace them with new ones.

If the frame itself is bent

Frame is an important part of your sofa bed. Several popular problems with the frame are presented in this article

Frame is an important part of your sofa bed. Several popular problems with the frame are presented in this article

If the metal frame of your sofa bed is bent, you need to bend it with a leverage first and hammer it to fix it. But, do make sure that there are no metal braces in between the folding mechanism. If any type of braces is there, do it carefully so as not to damage it.

If your sofa bed collapsed

If your sofa bed had collapsed completely, here are certain things which you can do. First, you need to find out the damaged or broken part of the sofa frame. Start by removing the cushions and mattress from the frame and inspect the braces, legs and the joints of the frame. If the bed collapsed down with a lot of noise, the horizontal wooden beams might have broken. Find out the real problem and try to fix it.
If you have some essential tools, you can easily fix these problems which can occur to your sofa bed without spending much money. You just need to know the basics in order to fix the minor problems. But if you feel the issues are beyond your DIY abilities; do not hesitate to call a professional repair service.

Now watch the video to see how to repair a sofa bed frame:

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