IoT based Smart Furniture for Your Smart Home

Smart Home Smart Furniture

What exactly are smart home and smart furniture?

smart furniture smart home

smart furniture smart home

So you have a smartphone and a smart watch and other smart accessories which function with the help of latest technology. You cannot thank enough the technology for transforming your life into a smart version. With a button click, the world around you changes. So what if other objects which play an important role in your daily life like the furniture, coffee maker, your bed, dressing table and other essential stuff also has this capability. If you wonder “is this really possible?”, then yes, this is going to be the future.

Smart furniture, like any other smart devices, is the ones which come with the capability of being connected to the internet through the latest technology. Smart furniture’s will offer you many other benefits along with the basic function they are intended to perform.

The smart home is the home where all the things which can be connected will be connected to the internet. It gives you access to control everything which is in your home starting from your coffee maker to the fridge even when you are on the other side of the world.

How do smart home and smart furniture change your life?

As we all live a fast moving life, there are a lot of times when you have wished some things were easier than they are now. When you forget to switch off your heater or oven or to lock your door when leaving home, you might have thought, it would be convenient if they had the ability to do these things on their own. Well, that is what is going to happen within the next 5 years. Think of the situation when your alarm will notify your coffee maker to prepare coffee for you by the time you wake up, or your mirror displays a calendar with all important meetings and to-do list for the day or when your bed detects a variation in your heart rate. Life would have been so easy that way, and this is going to be true, but how? You are going to learn more about this in a few minutes.

The Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of things is basically connecting devices to the internet and to each other digitally. You can connect almost all devices and objects which you use in your day to day life. The objects like furniture, mirror, door and coffee table can be connected to each other so that it impacts your life in a positive way. The internet of things is a very complex topic as it involves a lot of technology but here, I will make it simple for you by sticking on to the basics.

It is said that by 2020 there will be more than 26 million digital devices in the world. As the Internet is becoming available at a low cost, more devices which have Wi-Fi capabilities are being made every year. The new developments happening in the digital industry also increases the scope of using the Internet of things in every area of our life. Later on, the Internet of things can be applicable on a broad scale which can lead to the development of energy efficient smart cities. The Internet and the digital world give endless options of virtual connections which can impact multiple areas of our life.

Smart Furniture Makers

Most of the companies have already partnered in this idea and have developed some products and prototypes. South Korea’s biggest mobile carrier, SK Telecom have partnered with the South Korean furniture giant, Hyundai Livart to make smart home furniture having the internet of things functionalities.  The basic idea is to manufacture furniture which can be connected to your home internet. They have already designed some furniture with touch screens which can be used to browse the internet and to listen to the radio. Doorbells which can be associated with monitoring visitors and smart mirrors are some of the products. More products are to be released in the near future.

Smart furniture smart kitchen by SKTelecom

Smart furniture smart kitchen by SKTelecom (source: SKTelecom)

Ikea which sells ready to assemble furniture has also presented their new smart furniture line which has hotspots to charge your devices with wireless connectivity. So if you want to charge your smartphone, you just have to place it on top of the furniture. Some of the smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6 make use of wireless charging with the help of Qi technology. Qi is the Chinese term for energy flow and it is now the universal standard for charging devices without the help of wires. The power transfer in wireless charging happens through the principle of electromagnetic induction. The biggest advantage is that all Qi-enabled devices are compatible to each other even if they are from different manufacturers.



List of smart furniture for your smart home

So now, here is the list of some extra-smart furniture which is already available in the market.

  1. Smart Sofa
Smart Sofa Lift-Bit system by Carlo Ratti Associati2

Smart Sofa Lift-Bit system by Carlo Ratti Associati2 ( source

Carlo Rattio Associati which is an Italian architecture company launches a smart reclining sofa along with Swiss Furniture Brand Vitra which features a modular seating system which can be connected together in different ways using hand signs with the help of an application. It is the World’s first smart sofa which is made based on the Internet of things. The sofa system is made of hexagonal seating blocks which can be used either as single seats or arranged together in different ways to make a single sofa. Each stool has a technology to lift the seat up and down with the help of a central stand. It can be controlled by gestures with the help of sensors or with your smartphone via an app.


Another project going on is Cabriolet Smart Sofa Bed – one of best sleeper sofa at Milano Smart Living

  1. Smart kitchen shelf

Homemakers are the ones who are going to use smart products more and therefore more products are being made targeting them. Smart kitchen shelf is one such product which is going to occupy the kitchen of your home in future. With the digital kitchen shelf, you can search for various recipes, check and compare the prices of groceries and kitchen supplies before actually ordering them. You can also upload messages in your personal board so that you can have reminders if you are expecting special guests at home. The furniture is compatible with both Android and iOS OS so that you can make calls to your friend from the shelf without taking your smartphone.


  1. Intelligent mattress
Intelligent Mattress for your Smart Bed Room

Intelligent Mattress for your Smart Bed Room (source


Intelligent mattress existed earlier in the market, with a single sensor and was mainly used for bed ridden patients as a part of extensive care. But Sleep Number, one of the mattress manufacturing company has changed the whole story altogether. They made an intelligent mattress with a lot of sensors and voice recognition features offering the user a lot of functionalities. It can tell you how well you sleep, help with snoring, give you a relaxing massage, reply to your voice commands and a lot more. It makes use of SleepIQ and ActiveComfort technology to monitor your movement in bed, heart rate and breathing rate to find out your wellness. It will help you detect your child’s sickness so that you can take action at the earliest. SleepIQ along with an application can give you details about your nutrition, fitness, diet and other essential biometric information. Finally, it will give you a score based on your sleep patterns and also gives you recommendation for improving your sleep.

  1. FurniQi or smart charging table

Charging with wires can be much hassle especially if you have to charge multiple devices. Cable, cable, everywhere is so annoying. This is why wireless charging is so much of relief as you can save your space from looking clumsy. FurniQi is a smart charging table which is basically a wireless charging table developed by the company Fonesalesman last year. It is a small side table made of bamboo which makes use of Qi technology for making wireless charging possible. The table looks plain with a small indication mark which tells you the place where you must keep the device in order to charge it. Obviously, the table comes with a power cable because wireless charging still has its own limitations. It is also easy to assemble the FurniQi so that you can have your charging table ready in a minute. The charging table should be cheap. There are some cheap products with good quality, like the best office chair under 200.

  1. Smart wardrobe
smart wardrobe smart styler

smart wardrobe smart styler(

LG has made a smart wardrobe or a new styler system which combines steam producing and vibrating hangers to keep your clothes clean. The device is also able to eliminate odor and remove wrinkles without the use of any detergent or other chemicals. It combines Hot Steam spray technology and TrueSteam technology to make this possible. It is with the TrueSteam technology the refreshing of dirty clothes without using chemicals is actually made possible. Hot Steam technology is already been used in most of the LG products which effectively remove dirt and germs. The styler is priced at $2, 00 and some of the airport lounges have already started using it. The LG styler system is a replacement to cleaning techniques which makes use of chemicals to wash your clothes which will destroy them over time.

  1. Smart dressing table

SK Telecom, the first company in the universe to create smart furniture made a smart dress dressing table. It has a touchscreen in which multiple sensors are embedded so that it offers wonderful functionalities. You can check the news, your schedule of the day and hear music all at the same time while you get ready. It also has Bluetooth function so you can make calls, receive calls and listen to playlists using your smartphone. The company is planning to add more features like picking matching outfits though avatars and to try them so that you can pick the right clothing in a more convenient manner. The smart dressing table is a convenient furniture for working men and women who have to get up and to rush to the office every day.

  1. Smart ceiling mounted installation

The same Italian architect Carlo Rattio, who developed smart sofa, has also developed a ceiling mounted installation which emits a cooling mist on everyone who walks underneath it. The main aim of this system is to offer a cooling system which is energy efficient at the same time for countries such as the United Arab Emirates which has tropical desert climates. It is smart enough to save energy by using water vapor clouds only when somebody step beneath It instead of spraying mist all the time. The system makes use of motion tracking to find out whenever somebody enters the space.

  1. Smart fever scout thermometer

The smart thermometer is designed by New Deal Design’s so that parents can monitor the temperature of their babies remotely. The thermometer can be attached onto your baby’s body just like a plaster and it will deliver feeds backs to your mobile at regular intervals. The thermometer uses e-skin technology is a breathable circuit which works on Bluetooth. It also gives notifications to your phone via an app when a particular temperature is reached.

  1. Smart security system

The company called Yves Behar studio has made a security system which allows you to remotely let guests into your home. The system includes a keyless lock and a video cam which can be controlled using your smartphone. You can interact with your home and allow visitors even when you are not at home without compromising security. By using your phone, you can lock or unlock your door and can check its status whenever you want. You no longer need to be at your home to receive home deliveries or allow house cleaners into your home.

  1. Smart lock

The Google-owned firm Nest collaborated with Yale to make a keyless smart door lock which can be controlled using a smartphone. You can easily lock or unlock the door remotely by touching the screen of your phone. It will also let you to check the door status and to create codes for the user. You can also track who has visited your housing using the smart lock.

  1. Smart mirror

Panasonic has developed the prototype of a smart mirror which suggests your makeup and hairstyles which you can try on yourself. The mirror has a camera to capture your features and they come with touch screens. You need to align your face properly and it will also help in giving you a skin analysis which details your skin health. The cosmetic mirror acts exactly like a beauty expert who suggests the perfect makeup suiting your face.

Max Braun who is an Engineer with Google has also developed his version of a smart mirror which displays time, weather forecast and provides latest news. The bathroom fixture let you know things while you are brushing your teeth with the help of the internet connection.

  1. Digital bartender

SomaBar has developed a digital bartender, or also called as an intelligent robotic bartender which mixes perfect cocktails for you at the comfort of your home. Similar products were released earlier, but the one from SomaBar has a unique ability to mix drinks within no time. Whenever you order a drink the digital bartender takes the ingredients in correct measures from the pre-filled pods. Liquids flow out through special displacements pumps so that the whole process is made precise in a very less time.

  1. Smart fridge
Smart fridge for your smart kitchen

Smart fridge for your smart kitchen

Samsung has launched its new smart fridge which has a 21.5-inch touchscreen and is priced at $6000. There are cameras in the interior of the fridge so that you can track over what is in the fridge without opening it all the time. With no doubt, it is the smartest looking and expensive fridge till date. The touchscreen is of very high quality when compared to sluggish touchscreens with comes with most of the smart fridges. There are 3 cameras which are built into the mullion of the smart fridge. You will also get notified when the food items in the fridge go bad.

  1. Smart pan

SmartyPans launched a smart pan which is priced at $174 to make your cooking digital. The pan acts as a seasoned chef because it helps to alter the recipe to make perfect food even if you don’t it in the right way. It has a temperature sensor which communicated constantly with your phone via an app. The smart pan makes use of Bluetooth to send data to and fro from your phone. The app makes it possible for you to go through recipes and it will give correct instruction when it is time to flip the chicken breast.  It also shows the current step and the upcoming steps with exact timing.

  1. Intelligent fan

World’s first intelligent fan was built by Big Ass Fans and named as Haiku which makes use of SenseMe technology. The fan has the ability to automatically turn on when there is somebody in the room and turns off when the last person in the room leaves. It makes use of an app which can a set a time for getting on and off. You can easily adjust the speed using your smartphone and it will remember the previous adjustments so that it acts according to your preferences.


The internet of things is making a revolutionary change in our day to day life by changing the normal routine with the development of so many innovative products. As the opportunities increases, more challenges are going to come on our way. Security is one of the biggest challenges is going to pop up when so many devices are connected online with all your personal data included. Another issue is the storage space for storing data from billions of digital products at the same time. But it cannot be denied that these digital products make life so much easier. So let’s hope companies figure out an effective way to use the smart products with all the issues tackled in a much smarter way.

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