Smart Furniture for Smart Home (SFSH) – Creative Writing Annual Scholarship

Smart Home Smart Furniture

Scholarship Information

Due to the recent development of Internet of Things, everything can be connected and programmed with smart features. In (an Asian startup that is now located in CA), we are interested in analyzing traditional furniture such as tables, best recliners, chairs, sofas, mattresses, beds, best bean bag , best bean bag chair, best office chairs for back pain  and the like, as well as home environment protection solutions (i.e., creating smart and best mouse trap). Furthermore, we also launch projects to put “smart features” to those pieces of furniture, making them the smart alternatives for creating a smart home. Smart furniture and smart homes should be popular among our country’s young generation in the near future.

As a start-up company, we recognize the power of the written words online and offline. Writing is also very important to students, especially first-year students. Therefore, we want to help first year students exhibit their ability and creativity through writing about any smart furniture they want to have in the near future for their smart home.

We would like to offer the SMART FURNITURE FOR SMART HOME – Creative Writing Annual Scholarship to first-year students, the next generation of our country. This scholarship program will also give the students an opportunity to gain relevant background about the smart home trends and motivate them to write down any creative type of smart furniture that they want to have in the near future.

Value: $ 1500

smart furniture for smart home

smart furniture for smart home


First-year undergraduate and postgraduate students who are currently enrolled in colleges, universities, or educational institutes are encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Smart Furniture for Smart Home – Creative Writing Scholarship applicants should submit a short CV and an essay (a minimum of 500 words) describing a piece of smart furniture that they want to have in the near future, via email to with the following subject “Smart Furniture for Smart Home – Creative Writing Annual Scholarship”. Some examples of smart furniture that we are contributing to develop can be found at for your reference.
* Note that:
+ There is no cost or purchase required for students to apply this scholarship.
+ We respect and protect the privacy of the students and do not disclose their information to any third party.
+ We do not use applicants’ input for advertisement or to sell products.

Starting and Closing Dates

This year’s potential winners will be judged by our home advisors and selected on January 05, 2017. The winners will be contacted individually through email. The list of scholarship recipients will be posted on our website. Note that for reliability, we may not pay the scholarship directly to the winning students. We send checks payable to the winning students through their institute’s Scholarships and Financial Aid Office. Therefore, please make sure to provide accurate details of your institute..

Applications for the scholarship in 2016 will be accepted until December 31, 2016.


To find out more information about this scholarship, feel free to visit our website or send emails to

The Final Result

Total number of received applications: 26

The winner of SFSH scholarship 2016 is Jennifer Aniston @ Memphis University (UofM). Congratulations to Jennifer for winning our first Scholarship program.

This year we make a decision to increase the number of scholarships up to 3 scholarships/ year. We will notify about the scholarship opening soon. Thank you very much for your interest and Good luck to your future application.

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